Should I Carry a Knife for Safety in Thailand?


As many of you know, I believe Thailand is one of the safest places in the world to travel.  (Much safer than many of the cities in the United States.)

However, I also don’t sugar coat anything I post on this site.

Recently a reader asked the question, “Should I carry a knife for protection in Thailand?  Also, what are the laws regarding this?”

My short answer to this question is, NO!  There is no need to worry about arming yourself while you are in Thailand.  I’ve been partying throughout this country hardcore and have been an obnoxious ass on some of those nights.  And you know how many knives have been pulled on me?  Not one!

Although, there is one rule I never break.  I never try to take a girl from a Thai guy.


This pisses off Thai guys and will almost always lead to a fight.  And in Thailand, there are no fair fights.  You punch one Thai guy, you will have 6 on top of you in a matter of heartbeats.

So follow this rule, do NOT fuck with the Thais.  Just ignore the Thai guys and their girls when you are out partying and they’ll ignore you.

Do Thai Guys Carry Knives?

Yes, Thai guys carry knives.  In Bangkok the ratio will be much lower due to security check points at the club entrances and take into account that the Thai guys partying at the nicer clubs in BKK will be better educated.   But when you go to places like Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Phuket, etc… assume that every Thai guy will have a knife on them.  You should assume this, because they usually do.

Why You Should NOT Carry a Knife in Thailand

To be honest, I have no ideas what the laws are about carrying knives in Thailand.  But I will tell you, if you are carrying a knife while getting absolutely fucked up on drugs and alcohol, the chances of you doing something stupid enough to end up in jail may drastically increase if you are “armed”.

We all make mistakes when we are fucked up.  Lets make sure stabbing some random guy for taking a girl you like is not one of them.

Besides, there are millions of other girls to choose from!

Thailand is a very safe place.  In fact, it’s probably much safer than it should be considering how rampant the sex trade is.  Just follow my two rules of Thailand:

1- Don’t fuck with Thai guys

2- Don’t get caught buying drugs.

You do these two things and you can basically get away with anything.

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  • mark goodswen says:

    The biggest trouble is caused by old British men it’s bad joke

  • magicmike says:

    Good call on not carrying a knife, Thailand is very safe i have walked around in some serious states whilst there and never had a problem. I feel safer there than i do in london or any other large UK city.

    As for the law, i think you will find it is actually illegal to carry a knife a Thailand. Honestly tho you would only get into trouble if you were to actually use it or where involved in some sort of trouble or fight which resulted in the police searching you. I have even been known to carry a stun gun on my belt at times…

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