I Party with Thailand’s Movie Star

Like most of us, I’ve heard the stories of how easy it is for actors and those around them to get women.  If fact, Entourage, the greatest show of our time is dedicate to that very idea.  However, seeing something happen and being the person it happens to, are two very different things.

For this story, I’m going to take you back to December 29, 2009.  “Movie Star” is a Thai actor where his career peeked about five years ago.  He is half Thai and half American.

Every year he is hired to bring in the New Years at one of the Koh Samui’s very nice resorts.  They fly him in a couple days early, so he has a few nights to relax.

My friend has told me stories about the previous year.  Telling me that you can’t even walk down the street with this guy, girls will scream his name and grab his arm.  If you take him into a strip club, all the girls stop dancing and stare.

My friend does have a history of embellishing, but either way I knew this would be an interesting night.  

When I get the call to meet up for drinks and pool at Bondi, the local Aussie restaurant, I make sure to make an appearance.  Although my experience with actors and celebrities is limited, when living in Los Angeles I developed a very low tolerance for people who think they are all Brad Pitt.  Because of this, I didn’t have high expectations, but it was something new…

I go to the third floor and see them playing pool.  Movie Star was easy to notice, half Thai, tall, and good looking.  I introduce myself, firm hand shake and he looked me in the eye.  Good start.

Everyone is drinking and in a good mood.  I challenge the Star to a game of pool where the loser buys the next round.

It has been over a years since I’ve talked with another American, so it was good to chat with him.  He had American humor and understood sarcasm (so very rare in Thailand).  He seems like a cool guy.

I of course won the game of pool.

(Has anyone else noticed that after about 3 drinks, you seem to play the best pool, or is it just me?)


We move to the Green Mango area, this is where all the clubs, bars, and strip clubs are located.  Once here, life becomes very simple.  You have one task and only one, drink.

After a few shots I begin to notice the effect Movie Star has on the Thai population, mostly the girls but the guys as well.  The girls stop in their tracks and point.  Some come up and ask for photos, while others were too afraid to take one more step forward.  I would even go up to them offering an introduction and their whole body would tremble.

It Was Hilarious!

After an hour of this, I wanted to see how far this would go.  I wanted to see if all the strippers would really stop dancing when he entered.  So we went to Dream Girls.

I walk in first and a couple of my regulars notice and acknowledge me with a smile.  Then two seconds later Movie Star walks in.  I’m not shitting you, half the dancers stopped dancing.  One girl ran to the opposite side of the stage trying to hide her very wonderful naked body behind the dance pool.  I couldn’t help myself and laughed…loudly!

Fast forward an hour.  Many shots and drinks later, it’s past 3am and now time for Sound Club.

The club is dark, many don’t recognize him, but some do.  One very cute girl that I’ve never noticed before is eyeing him.  I point her out, and Movie Star told me to follow him.

We walk over to her, her eyes get all big and her mouth opens wide.  I remember thinking, “The things I could do with the power of Movie Star…”

Movie Star asks for her name, and then says, “This is one of my very good friends from America, and I’ve known him for years”.  He then makes a smooth exit.  The girl and I exchange names, talk for a little bit, and in 5 minutes we are on our way to my home.

In the morning I took her home.  We never see each other again nor can I remember her name.

My Dream of Becoming a Movie Star Comes to Fruition…

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