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Such a shame, Hangover 2 sucks!

I had high hopes for this movie. Not only was the first Hangover movie one of the best comedies of our time, but this movie had the potential to show off Bangkok in a way few have seen.

This movie had the chance to show off Bangkok as the world’s true party city.

A city full of the most beautiful and friendly Asian women. A city where you can have an epic time of drinking, sex, drama, and surprise every night of the week.

A city where you can live like a King on a budget.

However, this movie focused purely on fake stereotypes by the standard American population. And not very well at that…

There are three main problems with this movie. (No spoilers.)  

1- Crappy Remake

This movie is not a part 2. It’s just a crappy remake of the first movie but filmed in a different location. For anyone who has seen the first movie, the plot for the second is very predictable.

2- The Monkey

Not much can be said about this, the use of the monkey was stupid.

3- Lack of Knowledge

Todd Phillips, the director is a genius in his own regards. But he made one fatal mistake with this movie. He co-wrote and directed a movie that took place in a country he had never visited before.

– – – – – – – – – –

It wasn’t a complete bust though, the movie had some funny parts. The three main characters work well together creating some funny moments.

But all in all, Hangover 2 sucks. Instead of remaking the first movie, Hangover Part 2 is the movie that needs to be remade.

Before you do that Todd Phillips, come and see us first. We will take you by your hand and show you what Thailand is really about. One night with us and you’ll be able to do for Bangkok what you did for Las Vegas.

Care to try again…

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  • you’re so right. i like hangover 1, the best. the monkey was stupid,i agree, that character, leslie chow, an idiot. the lady boy scene was kinda funny. didn’t they re-use the guy who played, ” eddie, the vegas wedding chapel guy” to play the man in the club with the machine gun? he was made out to be an arab or something in the go-go bar scene just before they learn what happened in the back with the lady boy. you know they used sukhumvit soi 7/1 for the scene where they have the riot and get the tattoos on stew’s face, etc… you wouldn’t know they used that area becuase it does not resemble what we saw in the movie, no doubt a movie set as some workers from that area informed me who where there when the movie was filmed. yes, they did just copy many things from the first movie. i love to watch hangover 1 over and over.

  • Dan says:

    This was a pretty strange film. But it passed a couple of hours while I was on a very long flight to Shanghai.

  • Jeremy says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

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