How I Got 3 Dates in 2 Days Without Paying A Hooker


Sounds too good to be true? Getting dozens of dates in Asia without paying one single hooker? Or at least just a couple of dates…

Well, for me, 6 months ago… I couldn’t imagine that

I only knew Asia…especially Thailand and Bali from Patong’s famous ‘Banglaroad’ point of view.

Or from some dark streets in Bangkok, Geylongroad in Singapore and from one of the hidden red-light district bars in Malacca (Malaysia).

And you probably know better than me what a fun and sex-full time you can have with one of those beautiful Asian hookers anywhere you are.

But Then Something Changed!

During this summer I was traveling from Thailand to Singapore to Malaysia to Bali and finally back to Thailand…and one day…I think it was when I’ve been on Koh Phangan in the middle of Thailand’s gulf…

…when I’ve noticed something on my smartphone.

Somewhere in the jungle of all my apps, there was one of them with a red flame on white background which called itself “Tinder”.

I think I downloaded it at a point of time when I was working hard as an oxy cutter nearby Port Hedland in the heat of the Western Australian outback.

The app is now one of the world’s most famous dating app,  And I think that’s because it’s working so simple:

As soon as you’ve connected it to your Facebook account it starts to show you pictures of girls in your area.

You just hit the “like” or “swipe” button when you see a girl you like. Then when the one of the girls you “liked” also “likes” you, Tinder tells you that you “matched” and only then you are able to contact her.

For girls it’s a really nice thing, because they don’t get overwhelmed with messages from guys they don’t like.

The sad thing is… all the time when I tried to get dates with this app when I was in the western world – whether I’ve been in Europe, Australia or in the States…

…I didn’t got any results.

Maybe 3 matches in 4 weeks. And only one of them wrote back on my first message.

That’s why I almost forgot it.

But then I was on Koh Phangan Island in Thailand.

I don’t know why, but I was so bored at this time that I opened the app and tried again…to get dates with it.

And It Was Incredible!

Not only did I get matches… 2 days later I had my first real date in Thailand with one of the receptionist girls of the bungalow resort on the other side of the street!

Only my Thai wasn’t yet that good in those days and her English… well she was able to say “hello”, “how are you”.

But that’s it.

So we tried to get a real conversation going and her workmates sometimes tried to translate something to her, but in the end we didn’t do anything further.

But I Was Hooked. Tinder Works!.

From that moment on, I started to try many different things to see what worked and what didn’t work. I found out which first sentences are working the best to respect her language and culture on the one side…

…and to get an answer on the other side.

I made some mistakes by sharing the wrong ‘Moments’ (which is a feature, Tinder released in early June 2014). Mistakes so huge that I ‘lost’ dates I already thought would meet me for sure.

But over the months, together with some of my travel mates, I developed some really cool and working strategies to get more matches.

To get more answers from your matches.

To get dozens of numbers from our matches.

To go on writing with them in WhatsApp or LINE.

And finally to get the date.

And then things started to get amazing…

I was laying lazily in my hotel bed in Chiang Mai and all I did was push some buttons on my iPhone 5…

It was 7 am in the morning, I was tired from the bus ride to Chiang Mai Thailand…

One eye already closed, one eye open, half sleeping and the only thing I did was touch my iPhone’s screen a few times.

And suddenly I had 5 dates in the next 3 days.

That afternoon was the first one.

SHE picked me up from my hotel with her scooter.

We went to a hidden restaurant. She paid the bill.

Then we went to a Buddhist monastery and a monk blessed our fresh relationship. We said goodbye.

And 3 hours later the next girl picked me up with her car in front of my hotel. We went to her room and made love for the rest of the night.

She took me back to my hotel, ’cause I already had the next date on the next day.

And this went on and on and on for the next couple of days…

After that, I calmed down for a bit and reviewed all my chat logs. From the start of the conversations until I got the dates.

And I discovered a strategic system I subconsciously developed this year.

Because I really love  to create videos showing people how to get from point A to point B, I developed this new course

Get Dozens Of Dates in Asia

A video series with 5-6 videos. Worth more than 97 USD.

But because Karma is a great thing I believe in, I am releasing the first 3 to 4 videos of it FOR FREE.

And the first one is already here:

Module 1: How to choose the right profile picture in Tinder

Get Dozens Of Dates in Asia – Module 1: How to choose the right profile picture

In this first video, I am going to show you:
• How you can “split test” your profile picture in Tinder

• So that you even could scientifically know which picture will get you the most “matches” and in the end more dates

• My own best practices and which kind of pictures has worked well for me

The right profile picture can become your KEY into the female Asian world.

I’ve had friends who were wondering why they didn’t get new matches anymore.

But when they followed my advice and changed their profile picture, suddenly they started to get new matches again.

You’ll never know, if you never try.

So. And if you liked the video above, and now you want to know:

• How you can start respectful conversations with your matches on Tinder in a way that you WILL get an answer

• Which ‘Moments’ you should share with your matches and which ones you better keep for yourself or for later on in the chat

• How you can build the trust and other psychological triggers that she will give you her number

• How you should move the conversation to WhatsApp or LINE

• How you can make her wet, while she is writing with you

So if you want to know all of that, just click here and you will get the next 3 videos for free.

I hope you found this article and video helpful.

Jonas / Mr. Asia Dating

This guestpost is written by Jonas, better known as Mr Asia Dating

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