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fitness gyms koh samui

One of the bad things about living in Thailand is that it’s very easy to get lazy. It’s so easy to eat out, party, sleep in, pick up girls, etc… that you’ll find yourself on easy street in no time.

I find if I don’t have one thing of physical exercise outside of sex planned every day, I bored and in a rut. So I go to the gym for an hour a few days a week to feel like my life has some structure.

If you have a similar belief, below are a couple of fitness gyms that I recommend on Koh Samui:

1- World’s Gym (Chaweng)

This is by far the biggest and most popular gym in Samui. This is where all the body builders and many of the Muay Thai fighters workout. When you walk into this gym, you get the feeling that this is a “hardcore” gym.

If you are coming from Lamai, this gym is 500 meters past Bangkok Hospital on your left hand side.

– The weights are heavy enough to accommodate even the biggest body builder
– It’s fairly cheap. 1,200 baht a month (36usd). No contract required.
– Has just about every weightlifting machine you’ll need. Excluding cardio machines.

– Can get quite busy after 5pm
– Hot. This gym has no air-conditioning just some fans. Can get really hot during the day or in the evenings when it’s packed.
– This is where the “monsters” work out at. If you like looking at body builders while working out, this is a good choice for you. Personally, I prefer a small gym with only a few people.

2- Ultra Bodies Samui (Lamai)

This is the biggest and best fitness gym in Lamai.  If you staying in Lamai and want to do some heavy lifting, this will be your gym of choice.  Prices start at 1,700 baht a month (55usd).

3- Island Fitness

This is a small gym in Samui. It is located 500 meter passed the “Big C” shopping center on your left if you are going towards Maenam. This is where I prefer to workout at when I’m getting back in shape. As my strength increases, I’m forced to migrate to World’s Gym for heavier weights.

If you walk in, the price will say 1,800 baht a month. But you can negotiate this down. Just say your friend pays 1,300 baht (39usd).

– Small gym and never busy. Usually 0 – 2 other people are working out at a time
– 1,300 baht for a month
– No contract required
– Great starter gym to get back in shape

– Small gym. Will not have every machine
– Dumbbells max out at 50 pounds
– No air-conditioning. But doesn’t get nearly as hot as World’s Gym due to the amount of people.

4- Elite Gym and Fitness (Chaweng)

Just opened in 2013, this is our favorite fitness gym for 2014.  Click here to read our review of this Samui gym

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