Chiang Mai Thailand – The Rose of The North

There are two things that will probably bring you to visit Chiang Mai Thailand, the super low cost of living and the Thai culture.

Where in larger cities like Bangkok you can hardly feel traditional Thai culture, Chiang Mai is radiating with it. You’ll find beautiful mountains minutes outside the city and stunning traditional Thai temples within the city.

Chiang Mai is said to be one of the only places left in Thailand that you can live like a king with western amenities for under $1,000 a month.

Although many people have different definitions of “Living Like a King,” Chiang Mai is a wonderful place to live for under a $1,000 a month.

Why Chiang Mai? Here’s a short list:

It’s Cheap

Hour long massages for 5 dollars. Taxis anywhere in the city for less than one dollar. Nice one bedroom apartment for $300 a month.

Thai Culture

Take a walk through old Chiang Mai and explore breathtaking Thai temples and traditional northern Thai cuisine.

Beautiful Women

Tell any Thai woman that you are thinking of visiting Chiang Mai and the response will always be the same, “The women in Chiang Mai are so beautiful.”

Awesome Outdoor Activities

Hike to one of the many hot springs. Go on a multi-day elephant trekking adventure. Rent a dirt bike or 4-wheeler and explore the mountains of Chiang Mai.


This place is crawling with beautiful college students. Check out one of the many pubs. Get a soapy massage. Go to a Thai club and listen to live Thai music. Or simply hang around other foreigners have a great time at Zoes.

Lantern Festival

If you are visiting Chiang Mai in late November for the Lantern and Loi Krathong Festival, be prepared to be wowed as thousands of “lanterns” float up to light up the night’s sky. One of the coolest things you can see in Thailand.

And much more…

Welcome to Chiang Mai, The Rose of the North!

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