When Are The Best Months to Visit Koh Samui Thailand?

Hi Gods of Thailand, I’m planning a trip to Thailand later this year and I really want to visit Koh Samui. But don’t want to sit on the beautiful beaches with shitty weather. When would you recommend visiting?

Thanks for your question.

I’ve spend the good part of 3 years living on Koh Samui before, and I love that island. The beaches, the women, the freedom of cruising around on a moped, and the great food are all amazing benefits Samui.

My advice is this, avoid Samui during October and November. These two months are the heavy rain months and can often causing flooding problems.

The best months for weather on Samui are: February, March, and April. This is also considered “high season” for Samui. Which is good or bad depending on your point of view.

Hotels and apartments tend to charge more during the dates.

However, there are A LOT of people on the island during these months. So if you are a single guy looking to meet beautiful Thai and western women. February, March, and April are the best months for “play”.

Take a look at this following image for more details the yearly weather for Koh Samui:

Samui Weather

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  • Pras says:

    Thanks for the info on this website. I know you mentioned October, November are worst months to visit Koh Samui. But i am thinking of visiting in Oct and Nov because of budget, laidback atmosphere (less crowd) and not a beach guy. All i want is a laid back setting where i can relax and meet thai girls for a couple of months. My only question is do we have decent looking thai girls in good numbers during low season. Are the bars, massage parlors, freelancers and other entertainment centers have good no girls to choose from?


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