Where Can I Find Russian Prostitutes in Thailand? [Answered]

Lately we have received quite a few emails asking about Russian prostitute’s in Thailand.

If you are looking for Russian prostitutes, Thailand is an “okay” place for this. I know for a fact that there are plenty of Russian prostitutes in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Samui. (Probably in Phuket too.)

A Few Things First:

1- I never recommend call or internet services. Tried this a few times and the women NEVER look like their photos. A complete waste of money if you like good looking women.

2- In Bangkok you can find plenty of Russian street walkers, but I personally wouldn’t touch them. To me, there is something very dirty about street walkers in Thailand.

3- Russians are not cheap. If you are looking for a 500 or 1000 baht fuck, Russians are not for you. You’ll usually be paying between 3,000 and 7,000 baht for this. Although my friends and I have pulled a few Russian prostitutes for free from Insomnia Club in Bangkok and Pattaya.

4- I don’t know of any Russian massage parlors in Thailand.


Here you have two main options: Prostitutes on the streets (street walkers) or freelancers in clubs.

For street walkers, checkout the streets near Nana Plaza.

For freelancers in night clubs, go to Shock 39, Spicy, or Bossy.


On the main walking street there is a very big Russian brothel. Sometimes they can have some VERY good looking women there.


They recently opened up a Russian brothel right next to Green Mango dance club called “Galaxy”. Most of the women are not that great looking, but there are a couple cute ones.

You will not find Russian street walkers in Samui. However, you can sometimes find a few of them at Ark Bar when the girls are not working.

My advice is this,

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Meaning, when you are in Thailand, fuck Thai girls or tourists. When you are in Amsterdam or Eastern Europe, fuck Russian girls.

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  1. robin 3 weeks ago

    i dont know what the hell price you guys paid but i myself fucked two girls one half russian half kazaki another uzbeki in pattaya the first just for 1500 baht the second 2000 baht both were goodlooking but around 30 years i am from iran and for the next trip i am planing more of these russian girls , just try to be a bit creative somehow difficult but possible.

    • Gods of Thailand 2 weeks ago

      Prices for Russian hookers have seem to drastically drop over the last couple of years. Before it was difficult to find one for under 5k baht. But this year I’m seeing what you are – Russian hookers are now almost as cheap as mid-grade Thai hookers.

  2. sam 1 month ago

    I will come bangkok in spril so can you tell me where I find pool party

  3. sam 6 months ago

    I was came pattaya 5 times but I never search russian girls if I want russian girls so where I search if you have so gv me ur number next month I will cm again for 14 days

  4. Robert 7 months ago

    Where Can I Find Chinese Prostitutes in Thailand?

    • robin 3 weeks ago

      very seldome happens that chinese girls work in thailand but dubai is their region to work as arabs are very interested to screw chinese girls specielly the youngest ones

    • Kings of Thailand 7 months ago

      Good question. I have no idea…

  5. Jack 7 months ago

    I want meet rishan girl please help me

    • Kings of Thailand 7 months ago

      Follow the advice in this article or you can pick up Russian Freelancers at clubs like Spicy and Bossy in Bangkok.

  6. mohamad 8 months ago

    hi i am niky from armania i want a lidy russian for 3 hours that aboat 2000 baht for always i peyment to you reward if u find for me if u can find please give me your number telephon or mobile thanks

  7. The Professor 9 months ago

    Although they are not Russian, you can see many Uzbeki (which look very similar) pros around Grace Hotel in the Arab quarter.

    I had quite a few of them in the same van as I was in on my last visa run to Lao.

    Came oh so close to pulling a freebie off this petite brunette with super sexy eyes. This chick was a hardened pro though and I couldn’t get more than some mutual grabbing and rubbing out of her.

  8. magicmike 1 year ago

    I find Russians in pattaya to be WAY too expensive… hot looking no doubt but given the choice of going home with 1 Russian chick or 2 just as hot Thai chicks for the same price there can only be one winner.

    I was once quoted 4000 from a WS Russian girl… safe to say i did not accept this offer, for 4000 i could take 4 Thai girls at the same time and have some real fun.

    • jay 8 months ago

      If u have not mor mony dont go to pattaya for russian,MAGICMIC I dont know where r u from ? Just musterbite in u r country. dont visit thilnd for sprade STDs

    • Kings of Thailand 1 year ago

      I agree completely. And 4,000 baht is on the LOW end. It’s not uncommon for them to ask anywhere from 5 – 10 thousand baht for a night.

      If you want Russians in Thailand, pick them up for free at places like Koh Samui and Phuket.

  9. Tom 1 year ago

    What is the brothel in pattaya called? I only heard of galaxy and moulin rouge that offer striptease only.Would like a little variety as well :)

    • Kings of Thailand 1 year ago

      For Russians, Galaxy if your best bet. (Never been to Moulin Rouge, so can’t offer any input there.)

      If you want a striptease, go to any strip club in America or Europe. Thailand is where guys go for the full experience. Not just the cock tease.

  10. Dmitry 1 year ago

    Hello, I’m from Russia myself and I have a couple of questions.

    1. Why would anyone want a Russian prostitute in Thailand? Russian girls are great sometimes, but why go to Thai for them?

    2. How can Russian girls find clients in Thailand, if they are much more expensive than the local ones? They cost the same 3000 to 7000 baht here in Moscow, yeah, but isn’t it an enormous and non-competitive price for Thai?

    • Kings of Thailand 1 year ago

      You’ve got me why someone would come to Thailand for a white girl. Although I’m told that a large portion of the clientele for the Russian Brothel in Pattaya are Thai men. But then again, after having a couple hundred Thai girls, it’s good to have some variety.

      They do charge WAY more than the Thai hookers and most of the Russian girls aren’t very impressive looking. But people like different things.

      • Jony 1 week ago

        well it nice to be with someone whose another anglo saxon meaning white and speaks English plus for 150$ aussie dollors or 5,000 baht you can have the time of your life witch some of us just dont get in Australia

        Also some of them look just like hot tennis players and thats hot