Simple Method – Sex With Good Girls in Bangkok Thailand

Hey Everyone,

It’s the beginning of May and I’m having an amazing time in Bangkok. There are a few new hot spots that I’ve been trying out to great success…more on that soon.

Today I’m putting the simple method I use for taking home good girls on “paper”. Hope you find it helpful:

Meeting and taking home “good girls” in Thailand isn’t all that difficult.

It really comes down to three steps:
1- Approach
2- Be Fun
3- Bring Her Home

Occasionally “good girls” will approach you, but you can’t really rely on this. You will often need to take the first step.

Step 1- Approach

The younger and cuter girls often will not approach you. These are the girls that may glance in your direction once or twice. If you make eye contact, she may smile then look away. This is when you need to approach.

But be careful young Jedi, you don’t want to be seen as the drunken foreigner loser that talks to every Thai girl and is seen getting shot down every 5 minutes. (This doesn’t matter if you are going whore hunting, but looks bad if you are “good girl” hunting.)

You want to come off as a “good boy”.

Approach, say something clever, or just ask what her name is. Then transition into step 2:

Sexy Bangkok Escort Thai Girls

Step 2- Be Fun

“Good girls” in Thailand go out to party because they want to have fun. So be fun. Smile, play drinking games, take her hand and spin her around. Just relax and enjoy the company of a beautiful woman.

Also, it will help if you know a couple Thai words. I don’t speak Thai, but there are a few words I ALWAYS use when I meet a Thai girl:

- How are you?
- Cute
- Smile
- Pain (Use it playfully if she is playing hard to get. Think arrow through the heart.)

If you learn these four words / phrases in Thai, you can have a pretty entertaining first conversation with any Thai girl.

Step 3- Bring Her Home

Normally this is a two-step process. First, move her to a new location. Then take her home.

If you met her at a standard night club in Bangkok, take her to an after party nightclub like Scratch Dog.

If you met her at a late-night club, try to take her to your home first. If that doesn’t work, take her to get some food at McDonalds or some cheap Thai food.

If she is playing hard to get, give her a huge and say,

“I like you and I know you like me. Come with me tonight. No sex, just cuddle.”

Then picky swear…

It’s crazy, but these fucking words are golden!


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  1. chuck 5 months ago

    is it safe to go down on thai girls

    • Gods of Thailand 5 months ago

      That’s a matter of opinion and preference. Personally, I pass unless she is my actual “girlfriend”…which is very rare.

      While other guys will lick every pussy possible. Including GoGo girls right on the stage in the middle of everyone.

  2. Reno 5 months ago

    Hi Seven,

    Thanks for the great comments. I have one big question which I still need some advice on. In other countries such as Singapore, China, Taiwan or Europe where girls go out together in groups of 2 or more to clubs to dance and have fun (and sometimes meet guys); this approach is quite simple, as you can make eye contact and approach them either at the bar or dance floor when they are dancing etc. However, in Thailand, from my experience first of all Thai people (and I am referring to good girls, forget about the bar girls) don’t really like to dance that much. Their style is much more of a live band bar where you go with your group of friends including both males and females and order a bottle of whiskey and drink together and sing to the live band’s songs. Even in RCA clubs like Route 66, it’s the same story, I rarely see girls alone, or in groups of 2 (like I do in China, Taiwan etc.) Actually most of the girls I have seen alone who make eye contact and smile at me in my experience turn out to be undercover bar/working girls. 98% of the good girls are in their groups of friends with other guys, and so even they make eye contact with you, it is not the most convenient place and time to approach them like that. Also, since they don’t dance much and just stay in their same space/sofa/table with their friends it makes it very difficult to do the initial approach stage.

    What would be your suggestion for this? I would like to approach these good girls more without getting into trouble with their group (who knows if the guys in the group are some rich thai mafia guys) lol! Also, which bars/clubs would be the best ones for foreigners to pick up good girls easily?? I cannot believe picking up good girls in thailand is so much harder than say Taiwan or China!



  3. j k ved 6 months ago

    I m travelling with my wife. we are senior citizens. Would like to enjoy and experience sex with local females to-gether. Please suggest how and where should we visit ? Also send any other information.

  4. prem 9 months ago

    are thai girls get attracted to indian men n black in complecsion ?

  5. michell 9 months ago

    good luck catching them STDs. Everytime I see a foreigner in my country (Philippines) all I see are bunch of opportunists scumbags. God I hate how this world is. People seem to think that using people is some sort of a hobby. They are humans, if people would stop collecting fuck buddies. Perhaps this world would become a better place, woman would start respecting themselves and men would have more morals and respect towards themselves too. Piece of advice, if you are a foreigner coming to Asia for “FUN” don’t even think of having a family of your own, cause by just thinking of fucking around and sleeping around for a cheap price or for free, completely describes you that sort of being that doesn’t deserve to have a loving wife and children. So just keep working your ass off til you get old (trust me, you guys should listen and do this part), and make sure you will retire for work with huge amount of pensions, because as you get older, you will need lots of money just to satisfy your lust or even just to have a woman to keep you company. Even then, you will just end up as another “sugar daddy” in a young woman’s mobile contacts. Good luck with your lives bro. Hope you all would wake up someday and realize, by changing the world it starts with in you.

    • Free and loving it! 2 months ago

      Holy shite you are a holier than thou piece of work! Did you know that the Christian morales and dogma you are professing is exactly why this world sucks. Pent up anger and frustration are all that come from that type of conservative Puritanism. Pre-Christian societies that didn’t hinder freedom of expression in any form were some of the most peaceful and happy peoples to ever roam this earth then…Christian missionaries came and taught them to be ashamed of walking naked or having sex openly or just about anything that ever brought them happiness! Check the histories of the Hawaiians, Aboriginals, et al. It’s not to say they never had disputes, but they were known for being extremely happy! Being judged by small minded men with small phalluses is the worlds problem!

    • Feminst death 3 months ago

      It all starts/ends with women.
      When women close their legs, hookery stops.
      Women should do the right thing and reject this behaviour at all costs.
      But no, they want a scapegoat for their failings.
      Every time i see women taking the easy way out, Asian or Western, all I see are bunch of opportunists scumbags blaming everyone but themselves.

    • Roger 8 months ago

      Get off your christian high horse and live and let live. Then again I never knew that prostitution was the main direct cause for something bad that happened to you. I’d rather have a wife, then a kid, then when the wife gets old and fat and the kid is more understanding, divorce, move to Thailand with liquidable funds. Better than going to church to pray to a false god.

  6. Chris 9 months ago

    Makes sense….thanks!

  7. Chris 9 months ago

    The tricky part is not how to get women in Thailand but how to have one-nightstands or short term relationships without getting in too much trouble. Meaning Thaigirls usually get clingy very fast and act very jealous and even harm you physically when breaking up. So I would prefer some guideline about that.
    Maybe I am doing something wrong but I haven’t found that much girls are keen for one-nightstands or being your fuck buddy (not talking about bargirls).
    So I stick rather to bargirls than to the dating scene even though I would like to date but like to avoid the breaking up stress.

    • Kings of Thailand 9 months ago

      Yeah, that’s one issue that many foreigners get stuck with…the breakup.

      My advice is just be honest and stick to your rules. For example, if she asks if you have another girl, say yes. When you tell her that she has to leave in the morning because you need to work, make sure she leaves.

      The problem begins when you let the girl stay over multiple nights in a row. This in her mind will make her think she is your girlfriend. Tell her you never have girlfriends, just “special friends”.

      But on occasion, you will meet the girl that will go psycho when you break up, it happens to everyone. Just make sure you have your valuables locked away and threaten to call the police or the manager of your hotel / apartment.

  8. CJ 10 months ago

    “No sex I swear?” Your word is not worth much eh?

    • Kings of Thailand 10 months ago

      “Human communication consists of 93 percent body language and paralinguistic cues, while only 7% of communication consists of words themselves.”

      So technically, I’m only lying with 7% of my communication. LoL, I’m okay with that…

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