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Gay Bangkok Travel Guides | Gods of Thailand

Whether you are straight or gay, the nightlife party in Bangkok Thailand does not disappoint. Here are some starting points to get your Thailand experience started off with a bang!

5 Best Gay Karaoke Pubs in Bangkok Thailand

“I’m looking for something more than just the gay bars and go-gos. Any advice on where the best gay pubs or karaoke in Bangkok? There are plenty of less wild gay nightlife spot...

7 Best Gay Spas and Saunas in Bangkok Thailand

“My partner and I will be vacationing in Thailand next week. Do you know where are the best gay spas and saunas for massages in Bangkok?” If you are gay or straight, you won...

Q & A Where is the Lesbian Nightlife in Bangkok?

“Hey Gods of Thailand, love your website and everything you have to say about Thailand. But I’m not seeing anything about nightlife tips for lesbians.  Are there any good spot...

3 Best Gay Go-Go Bars in Bangkok Thailand

“I’m a gay man and want to check out some gay go-go clubs in Bangkok. Where should I go?” Go-Go bars are a major part of the city’s nightlife, whether the performers are me...

5 Best Gay Bars in Bangkok Thailand

“I’m gay and will be visiting Thailand soon, where are the best Gay Bars in Bangkok?” Gay bars are to be found in several major areas in Bangkok, but some of the most popular...

Gay Nightlife in Bangkok Thailand

This is a short guest post written by George. George is a man who we can say…swings three ways. He wrote up a couple articles about the gay nightlife in Bangkok Thailand which ma...

Top 5 Gay Nightlife Spots in Bangkok to Avoid if You’re Straight

Bangkok is the best place in Thailand for gay life in general, but especially nightlife. With tons of shows, bars, clubs, saunas, and more, Bangkok has all the gorgeous guys and fu...

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