The Best Escort Agency in Bangkok Thailand

I’ve been getting quite a few questions about in-call escorts in Bangkok Thailand.  The thing is, not every guy wants to hit the clubs or gogo clubs for a girl.  Some guys just want to pay a little more and have everything set up for them.  Which I completely understand, I’m a huge fan of outsourcing.

This is actually an article I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but just haven’t gotten around to it.  That was until the owner of “Viagra Girl Escort” contacted me and we started talking.

I’ve done some research on this escort agency and according to quite a few people, this is the best escort agency in Bangkok.

So I decided to take it upon myself and look into this escort service a little closer.  (Yes I know, sometimes life can be so hard :)

The women are quite good looking (although they never look exactly like the photos), the prices are reasonable for an in-call service, and the owner is a pretty cool guy.

Here is some basic information about “Bangkok Escort .com” and the answers to a few questions I asked when we first started talking:

Website:  (Here you will see the photos of the girl) (List of prices and services)

How many girls do you consistently have access to?
Around 12 – 15 girls.

How many of the girls have had a baby?
Only 2 girls have had babies.  If this is an issue for you, just let us know and we will make sure you get what you want.

Do you offer airport pickup?
Yes.  Airport pickup is available for 1,000 baht (30usd) if you order a girl for 24 hours or longer.

Are the prices on the internet negotiable?
No, they are set.  However, if you order a girl for more than 3 days, we will be able to give a discount.

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I think this company offers a pretty good value.  Of course you can get girls cheaper at Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy, but there are benefits to using a professional service that offers professional girls:

1- You Get What You Want
You can order whatever you want.  If you are into some kinky stuff, these girls are down for it.  Just let the service know ahead of time so they can match you up with right girl.  Not to mention, the girls will bring costumes if you ask.  That’s pretty sweet.

2- Safety
Working with a girl from a trusted service is far safer than picking up a freelancer.  If you have a problem or something is missing from your hotel, just call the owner and he will solve it for you.

3- Not Lazy in Bed
Sometimes when you pick-up a girl in Thailand, she is wild at the club but just lies down and goes comatose while in bed.  The girls at Viagra escort like to fuck and will give you a damn good ride.

4- Airport Pickup
You can have the girl pick you up at the airport when you arrive in Bangkok.  This is awesome for those guys who only have one night in Bangkok and don’t want to worry about going out and choosing a girl.

These girls will meet you at the airport, take you to your hotel, and give you a true Bangkok welcome.

There’s nothing quite like having a beautiful girl suck you off within one hour of arriving in Bangkok!

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  1. alex 5 days ago

    thanks for your awesome website! do you think it’s safe to eat these girls out?

  2. Mike Aker 1 month ago

    Hey Seven, great site. i’ll be taking my first ‘solo guy’ trip to Thailand and this web page is invaluabe, But o your recommended escort business, what does ‘two shots’ mean in the price schedule… thatyou get to ejaculate twice only? Or is it complimentary drinks?

    • Gods of Thailand 1 month ago

      “Two shots” mean you get to ejaculate twice.

  3. timmy 2 months ago


    Can you deliver the girl to transit area of Bangkok airport Louis’ Tavern Transit Hotel? I will be in Bangkok airport for 8 hours on 3rd Feb (8am to 4pm).

    I will wait for your quick response.

  4. Dwight 2 months ago

    Had 3 girls from this agency in December and they are legit, attractive and willing to do anything. Recommend it.

  5. umi1970 3 months ago

    i will come after 15 days pl. iwant girl for 3 days pl. send me photo and rate per day and also package rate for 3 daysand night

  6. wael 4 months ago


  7. linlinmaung 5 months ago


  8. Upendrasinh 7 months ago

    I want girl for 2 night send me photo and rate

    • ngengesadit 3 months ago

      hi i want girl for 2 night send me photo and rate

    • Kings of Thailand 7 months ago

      You’ll have to contact for that.

  9. hanan 8 months ago

    I would like to know if you have thai lady how accept BDSM on her body.
    please reply to my email

  10. Monika 8 months ago

    Call my manager Sameer 09867990032 Welcome to the world of a Mumbai Escorts Service offer High profile Mumbai Escorts those who want to full fill your dreams.

  11. gay sex 9 months ago

    Chapline—If more people were like you (or if you were half as influential as you seem to think you are) this country’s youth and this country’s financial chaos would be far worse off than they are.But hey, take your ball and go home; this whole tit for tat was mildly amusing while it lasted. Good day.

  12. Tompa 10 months ago

    Hi i´m going on my second trip to thailand this year, I was wondering about the safety. Have you ever heard about any robbers in this kind of escort. I´m sorry for any misspellings I´m quite bad beacuse I´ve lived in sweden my whole life.

    • Kings of Thailand 9 months ago

      The girls here are good about that kind of stuff. I personally know the owner and I highly doubt that any issues like that will happen with this travel agency.

      I can’t vouch for the other agencies, but Viagra Escorts is legit.

  13. peter 12 months ago

    to my opinion contact this companys is nice but mostly expensive, the best way is still search by own on websites such as wich ensure you not have a middle men charge on the service. as far as i see you can save up to 40%

  14. binod adhikari 1 year ago

    hello, i am planing to come bangkok on july 7th ….so i want my trip to be unforgettable…i am from nepal ..and i dnt have much more idea abt bangkok so if u plz help me to sought it out ..bangkok is best place place to have sex with a girl and i too want a best girl whom i can spend with all my trip…if u plz send me the rates and some picture of ur girl from ur agency i will be thankful to u…….

    • Kings of Thailand 1 year ago

      There website is not an Escort Agency. However, Viagra Escorts does advertise with us. If you want to sent something up, you can contact them here:

  15. thai 1 year ago
  16. Mike 1 year ago

    Hi guys,
    i travel a lot bcs of my job. I got tired of cheap bar girls and really can recommend you guys to try out this service. The girls are superb, very sexy and clean.
    Also do they speak good english, what makes it easy for you to communicate and share a great time.
    I prefer to pay for a service like this rather than hanging around for hrs in bars, getting wasted and dropping home with a girl who probably not even makes you happy.
    I have tried this service for a few times now and i never got dissapointed. You really get what you are paying for.

  17. J. Blas 1 year ago

    I’m scheduled to get to Koh Samui in a week and this sounds like a perfect option but the site is blocked in my current location. Can you provide a POC email address?