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How Much Does a “Special” Massage Cost in Thailand? – Adult Content

There have been a lot of follow questions regarding our last article, How Much Does a Massage Cost in Thailand?

This post will answer more than half of those questions seeking the answer to, “How Much Does a “SPECIAL” Massage Cost in Thailand?”

In Thailand there are two types of massage shops, those that offer the “happy ending” and those that do not.

Usually it’s easy to tell which massage shops offer the “special” or “happy ending” options.

If there are many beautiful girls sitting outside of the shop and the customers are being massaged behind private curtains, then it’s 99% likely a “happy ending” in an option.

Not sure how to ask if she doesn’t bring up the point, simply point to your cock during the massage and say, “You do?”

The 3 Types of Happy Endings and What it Costs:

1- Rub and Tug (aka Hand Happy Ending) 

When the massage girl asks if you want special, they will normally tell you the cost is 1000 baht ($30).

Don’t accept this price.  The standard price is 300 or 500 baht. ($10 or $15)

2- Mouth (aka Mouth Happy Ending)

After you agree to the “special” massage, some massage girls will ask if you want mouth, they will normally tell you the cost is 1500 baht (45usd).

Don’t accept this price.  The standard price is 500 or 1000 baht. ($15 or $30)

3- Sex (aka Boom Boom)

When the massage girl asks if you want boom boom, they will normally tell you the cost is 2000 baht ($60).

Don’t accept this price.  The standard price is around 1,500 baht. ($45)

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  • jkpallob says:

    I need a nice women to accompany me at bangkok:
    How to find out my partner.??
    what will be the cost??

  • Backer says:

    Can u please guide me with top 5 soapy massage parlour in phuket.i am in phuket on 16 sep.

  • mos says:

    thats bullshit and ALWAYS up to your behaiviour AND the girl!
    If you are just a fat old man with a gold chain, expensive watch and a marriage ring, dont expect her to go down with the prices ;)

    Be nice, tell her you have no gf since a couple of month and you are IN….

    I never paid more then 1000 for EVERYTHING except Anal. Handjobs are the easiest, no condom 3-500 Baht, BJ some girls want use a condom, bad luck for you, go for their pussy then, its the same price with condom anyways.

    If she wants a 1000,-B tell her you give her 500.-B, thats the normal money for short time and she can take it or leave it but if she is nice you will for sure come back …..since you dont have a gf anyways ;)

    dont mess up the prices, be clever…they are :D

    have fun

  • ram tiwari says:

    I agree to do it

  • Nikki says:

    Honestly, if someone said ‘Boom boom’ to indicate sex, I would start laughing. But I guess if a hot young chick who had been keeping body to body contact for the past hour said it, it would sound like the most enticing thing ever for almost any guy.

  • Tony Williams says:

    Where’s in Thailand do you change USD to baht?

    • You have a couple of options:

      1- The airport if you are bringing in a bunch of cash. Normally I’ll exchange around 1,000usd at the airport whenever I fly in. The exchange rate is okay. (I recommend the purple bank, Siam Bank.)

      2- ATM. This is how I always get cash when I’m in Thailand. There is a couple dollar fee for doing an international withdraw, but such is life. Its quick, easy, relatively inexpensive, and you don’t have to worry about carrying around a bunch of cash.

      Note, many USA cards have a daily withdrawl limit of 500usd.

      Don’t worry about bank transfers or any of that annoying shit unless you plan on actually living here.

      Hope this helps,

  • Bazz says:

    Couple of questions – if you have already answered them on another post would love a link coz I couldnt find it…

    1) Can you choose which girl to get the oil massage from?
    2) Do they allow you to touch them at all in types 1 and 2? In same types – is any nudity involved from their end?
    3) Which are the best spots to get an oil one in sukhumvit – Sorry to be so questioning but I dont have a huge amount of time in BKK? I read on another post of urs u mentioned mangos and snow white – do they offer all three types?
    4) Is the overall experience monetarily and physically safe?

    Thanks a lot for all the content on this site – really good work and the effort shows!