Are There Any Good Escort Agencies in Pattaya Thailand?

Gold Pattaya Escorts

Hi Gods of Thailand, I have a quick question for you. Are there are good escort agencies in Pattaya that you can recommend? I see a lot for Bangkok, but not many for Pattaya Thailand?


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Hey Mike,

Thanks for your email.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Bangkok has A LOT of escort agencies with new ones popping up every year. But Pattaya seems to be a different story.

If you try googling “escort agencies in Pattaya”, you’ll see a few of them pop up. Though, a few words of warning, most of these agencies are shit with terrible service. While other ones will simply use bar girls…which in the escort industry is a HUGE No No!

Currently, the only escort service in Pattaya that I recommend is Pattaya Gold Escorts

Why I Like This Service

They only use real escorts that deliver very good service. None of this bullshit where they send bar girls to your hotel charging double what you’d pay at the bar.

These are legit escorts who are trained to provide professional service.

So whether you are looking for a quick fuck or a real girlfriend experience without dealing with the hassle of going from bar to bar hunting. This is a good place for you to take a look at.

Here is a link to Pattaya Gold Escorts – check out their girls and pricing

Enjoy Paradise!
-Gods of Thailand

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  • sunil deshmukh says:

    Very nice

  • kipknots says:

    I went in August last year and I went to Stones house (bar).
    No need for hunting, the girls will look your way then you give the waiter the thumbs up or down.
    When you give the thumbs up the waiter will get the girl for you and introduce you to her.
    Payed between 1000 and 2000 baht and she stayed till next day or you can tell her to leave after you are finished, but before you take her to your hotel make sure to agree on the price.

  • carlos sims says:

    I just wonder are there any escorts like this in the Philippines? Never heard anyone talk about it but i wonder.

  • Vishal K says:


    This is gonna be my 5th trip to the paradise city of Thailand. I wanna know if the online escort agencies
    are really genuine.

    In Pattaya, i have visited almost all the massage parlours lile Honey, Sabai De, Rasputin etc..I was just
    thinking if this time, i could try some room service.

    There are some like DEVIL’S DEN, BODY MASSAGE PATTAYA which have cool websites, but i dunno how genuine they are.

    I am basically looking for a nice soapy massage and then sex..not just the action between the sheets.

    Kindly advise for both Pattaya and Bangkok.



    • Swedish monger says:

      Dear Vishal K
      I would recomend Devils Den.
      I have used their services 2 times with full satisfaction.
      They used to have a review on each girl but that is gone. You can probably ask the manager about the spcifics.
      I can recomend Cory because she deepthroats and You can come in throat!

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