Nightlife Guide for Bangla Road at Patong Beach

Soi Bangla is the place to go for nightlife in Patong Beach. After dark, this whole area comes alive and parties until the early hours of the night. Bangla is usually crowded but is safe and welcoming. Most of the nightlife complexes on Bangla are loud and at least partly uncovered, open to the night air. Music spills out and entices visitors to enter the many different venues to see the girls, ladyboys, raunchy shows, or to just hang out and dance or chill out.

Aside from the bars and clubs there are restaurants, pubs, and stores that add variety to the nightlife scene and might meet a few of your needs.

Wherever you go, you can stay and party the night away or move on to the next spot and do the same. Check out some of these top places to go for the night in Patong Beach:

Soi Eric

Soi Eric has a DJ whose music choices are played throughout the complex and is one of the best-run nightlife spots on Bangla Road. It has the usual choices of drinks and dancing girls, as well as a restaurant and even an art gallery.

Soi Seadragon

Soi Seadragon is a recently redesigned club that has multiple bars, including beer bars as well as go-go venues. Soi Seadragon is filled with dancing girls, loud music, and plenty of flashing lights. The many bars include Devil’s Playground, Exotica, Suzy Wong’s A Go Go, the more energetic and wild of the bunch, and more relaxed conversation spots like Mickey Mouse, Scandinavian Bar, and Crow’s Nest. Check out Soi Seadragon’s tattoo parlor and restaurants if you want a break from the bar.

Soi Lion

Soi Lion has had several bars that attracted loyal customers including Stockholm Bar. This and many of the others have recently been moved over to Soi Sansabai and Soi Lion itself is undergoing some changes but is sure to be back in one form or another.

Soi Easy

Soi Easy is nearest to the road of all the bars and nightlife complexes on Bangla Road. The Aussie Bar is particularly popular but this two-story has several places when you can hear plenty of loud music, experience the neon lights, see the dancing girls, and more. The Secret is a notable go-go type bar and the Hollywood Disco is also a big attraction.

Soi Gonzo

Uncrowded but fun and friendly, Soi Gonzo is small and welcoming. Located between Soi Crocodile and Easy, Soi Gonzo hosts a number of good bars including The Wet Spot and Black Cat, both quite popular.

Soi Tiger

Soi Tiger consists of a large number of bars and, above these, the Tiger Disco. The bars all seem to flow together in this roofed joint but some of the more notable ones include Hot Rock – more of a go-go joint than some of the others – and Sharky Bark. Ladyboys abound at Crazy Horse. Wherever you go, it’s a party at Soi Tiger.

Soi Patong Resort

Located between Bangla Road and the Patong Resort, Soi Patong has many different shops and venues including restaurants and bars. In fact, there are over eight restaurants, at least five bars, and these are accompanied by tailors, cafes, massage parlors, and more. Have a drink, dine, dance, or shop at Soi Patong Resort.

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