About Patong Beach in Phuket

Patong Beach is a busy beach, about 1.5 miles, that has great sand, water that’s suited to a wide variety of fun activities, and a good community of travelers. There are many hotels and spas both on the beach and nearby, including Banthai Beach Resort and Spa, Impiana Phuket Cabana, and Patong Resort Hotel.

Whether you’re looking to go boating, swim, jet ski, or just get a relaxing massage, Patong Beach can give you what you want. The low season is also the time of larger waves, so pay attention to any warnings of dangerous waters. The high season typically means calm and safe water.

Beach Vendors

Smile at beach vendors whether you are turning them down or bargaining for something that interests you. They roam Patong Beach selling all kinds of things, from ice cream to clothes to jewelry. Their wares can be quite odd but they really are quite friendly. Make sure and bargain in a friendly way if you do want to buy.

Food and Restaurants in Patong Beach

The Beach Road is full of many bars, cafes, and restaurants that serve all kinds of food, including Thai and western dishes. You’ll find snacks right on the beach, since the sunbed vendors are typically supplied with ice cream and more substantial foods as well as drinks.

Activities in Patong Beach

The flat, calm water during high season means lots of opportunities for fun in the sea. Snorkeling is a popular activity and the best spot is near the Patong Beach’s northern end. You can rent snorkeling equipment as well as kayaks, jet skis, and boats from vendors right on or near the beach.

Get a relaxing Thai massage without stepping off the beach. Vendors usually set up in shaded portions of the sand, so check them out if they don’t see you first.

Patong Beach Watersports

Jet skiing and parasailing are both perfect activities for Patong Beach. The water is ideal for it and you can have a lot of fun. Remember your safety jacket when you rent equipment from the beach vendors.

You can also surf at Patong Beach. The best spots are towards the north, near the snorkeling areas.

Patong beach is jet-ski and parasailing heaven, operators can be found every few hundred meters. Waves vary, but you can get some good swells if the wind is strong.

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