What to See at Naklua Bay and Wong Amat

From the largest teak structure in the world to trained Bengal tigers, there is much to do in Naklua and Wong Amat for those who know where to look.

Of course, there are things you can do for little or no money, like touring the local fishing villages. Bang Saray, Ang Sila and Chong Samaesan are popular, with nice beaches, friendly locals and fishing or diving boats for hire. Local coastal islands can also be explored during daylight.

But there is far more to see. To help you plan, here are three great attractions you won’t want to miss in Naklua and Wong Amat.

Mini Siam

Housing more than 100 miniature (1:25 scale) replicas of the world’s greatest monuments, you’ll see the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Opera House in Sydney, the Tower Bridge in London—even the Bridge over the River Kwae.

Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth is neither a temple nor a palace. But it could be either. Massive carvings and sculptures of teak pay homage to an “ancient vision of Earth.” It’s an awe-inspiring display of Thai craftsmanship—the largest teak structure in the world.

Pattaya Tiger Zoo

Here you can see a Bengal tiger, a crocodile show and even ride an elephant. But look closely and you’ll see some real oddities. Thanks to the zoo’s unique feeding program, tigers, pigs and dogs live in harmony. In one case, a pig nurses tiger cubs along with her own piglets. Add in the opportunity to feed ostriches and kangaroos and the zoo is good for a full day of adventure.

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