The 7 Best Tours for Pattaya

When it comes to activities in Pattaya, visitors have a huge menu of choices.

The bad news is that folks staying only a few days will have to make some decisions. There’s simply too much here to do it all. The good news is that it is hard to make a wrong choice.

Options abound, from a submarine tour to flying through the air on a zip line like a gibbon monkey!

To help you plan your stay, here are seven top tours in Pattaya.

Flight of the Gibbon Adventure

Imagine experiencing Thailand’s rainforest the way a gibbon monkey sees it! This tour allows you to glide above the jungle canopy in the nearby national park on three kilometers of zip line, landing on scenic sky bridges. The tour lasts about six hours.

Pattaya Tiger Zoo

Here you can see a Bengal tiger, a crocodile show and even ride an elephant. But look closely and you’ll see some real oddities. Thanks to the zoo’s unique feeding program, tigers, pigs and dogs live in harmony. In one case, a pig nurses tiger cubs along with her own piglets. Add in the opportunity to feed ostriches and kangaroos and the zoo is good for a full day of adventure.

Corral Island

Koh Larn, the “coral island,” lies about 45 minutes west of Pattaya by boat and offers a far slower pace. Lounge on the beach or venture into the blue water, which is packed with colorful coral and marine life. Glass-bottom boat tours are available.

Submarine Tour

A bright yellow sub dives 100 meters to explore Pattaya’s coral reefs and marine life, moving at about 7 knots.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Cultural performances, parades and a troupe of performing elephants highlight a lush garden of tropical plants and flowers. Bicycles and paddle boats are also available.

Pattaya Golf

Pattaya has more than 20 golf courses nearby, from standard 18-hole affairs to 27-hole mega-courses with accompanying spas and restaurants. One course was designed by champion golfer Jack Nicklaus. There are experiences to suit all skill levels and budgets.

Beach Discovery

The Pattaya Discovery Tour takes travelers north of Pattaya to the beach town of Bang Saen, where beaches are less crowded and more relaxed. Bang Saen also has an aquarium and a nearby fishing village houses an impressive oyster farm.

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