What To Do at Trang Near Krabi

Trang still hasn’t been discovered by most tourists, so take advantage of your knowledge now. Trang offers beautiful and uncrowded beaches. One of the highlights that does bring attention to Trang every year are its Valentine’s Day underwater wedding ceremonies, which take place at Koh Kradan.

How to Get to Trang

Trang has its own airport, so you can take a flight from Bangkok Airport. More cheaply, Trang can be accessed easily by road from both Phuket and Krabi. Directions are easy to find and signs mark the way.

The Islands and Beaches of Trang

Trang’s beaches haven’t been spoiled by massive development or crowds, and in fact you may be able to find some empty white sand beaches that you can have all to yourself. Kayak to explore lagoons, coves, and caves amidst Trang’s natural beauty and great island wildlife. Kayakers, photographers, and bird watchers alike will love one of these day trips around the islands.

Different tour guides offer routes that vary in difficulty, but journeys suited to both experts and beginners are available. The best time of year for beginners and inexperienced kayakers stretches from November to April, when the waters are calm and the weather is more predictable. The remaining months are better suited to those who are more experienced.

Hot Springs in Trang

Trang’s hot springs distinguish it from other destinations. One hot spring about ten kilometers distant from Kantang has a constant, comfortable temperature, but there are also many others located throughout the islands. Contact a local guide for advice.

Sightseeing and Adventure Opportunities in Trang

Throughout Trang you’ll find interesting natural formations, from caves to waterfalls. In addition to kayaking, Trang’s waters are suitable for boating – including expeditions to caves – and hiking. Ecotourism is increasingly popular and you can admire the area’s natural beauty by going on a guided tour of the forests and caves.

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