Koh Samui

About Ang Thong National Marine Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park is located across a group of more than forty islands near Koh Samui. Ang Thong National Marine Park has everything from beautiful beaches of powdery white sand to rich forests containing hidden waterfalls and secret coves. Not only rich in wildlife but rich in activities, visitors will find a wide array of both nature and sports activities available.

The park covers most of the archipelago and only one of its islands is home to any people. This small fishing community is isolated amongst the mountains and jungles that have thankfully been well-protected for several decades. A little over 17 miles from Samui, Ang Thong has a small entry fee and is especially nice between March and October, which is also the best time in terms of weather and sea conditions.

The forests of Ang Thong National Marine Park are home to many animals including birds, otters, monkeys, snakes, and lizards. It is the perfect place to take in some of Thailand’s natural beauty. The environment here includes impressive limestone cliffs and pretty hidden lakes. One of these lakes is actually a saltwater lagoon. Known as Emerald Lake, it is located on Koh Mae and is a beautiful green color best seen from a higher vantage point.

With excellent snorkeling and diving activities, a visit to the reefs off several of the islands can be taken by hiring a government tour boat. This is a requirement since, as a national park, Ang Thong has protected status. There are tours which specifically incorporate these activities while others are simply cruises. Activity tours include not only water-based options such as kayaking but also hikes through the forest or up to the cliffs.

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