Chiang Mai

Best Shopping at Riverside in Chiang Mai

Shopping in Riverside Chiang Mai is an upscale experience, offering everything from Thai silk to furniture, jewelry and art.

While the riverside is great for strolling and exploring, with its beautiful river views, here are three great places to shop in Riverside:

Villa Cini

Offering major brands like Ginger and Nova, Villa Cini offers everything from home accessories to fabrics. For those who want Thai silk, either fabrics or ready-made goods, the Oriental Hotel is a major destination, though the prices are higher.

La Luna

La Luna promotes local artists, and is a great place for contemporary arts and crafts. The primary feature is colorful paintings, though sculpture, furniture and more is available.

Ton Lamyai Market

A great place in the early morning, the flower market is a kaleidoscope of color and activity. The market is open 24 hours, with deliveries coming in the wee hours, making the morning the best time to catch the sights and scent of fresh flowers.

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