The Complete Guide to Thai Hookers

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The Complete Guide to Thai HookersWhat you MUST know about SEX and prostitutes before traveling to Thailand!

Let’s face it, life is stressful enough. Why add to it? If a man wants meaningless sex with a woman, what gives others the right to stop him?

You shouldn’t have to be rich, handsome, or the world’s greatest pickup artist to have your choice of beautiful women.

Sometimes you just want to FUCK!

This is your complete guide for doing just that in a land where prostitution is accepted by even the highest authorities in Thailand.

This book has eleven chapters that will enlighten the reader about the different types of “working girls” that may be encountered during a trip to Thailand. The information shared in this book will better prepare you for your Thai adventures.

PART IThe 4 Types of Thai Women
PART IIMy First Bar Girl Experience
PART IIIThai Bar Girls 101
PART IVGoGo Dancers in Thailand
PART VSoapy Body Massage Girls
PART VIFreelancers: The Entrepreneurs of Thailand
PART VIIHow To Negotiate With Thai Freelenacers
PART VIIISecrets To Taking Home Freelancers For Free
PART IXSex With Massage Girls
PART XBlowjob Bars in Thailand
PART XIFinal Advice

This book is like none others on the market. It contains no fluff! Just practical information which comes from years of research brought to you by one of the leading experts of Thai women.

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