Thailand Tip – Save Money by Using a Public Taxi in Bangkok Airport

Save Money by Using a Public Taxi in Bangkok Airport

First time I came to Bangkok Thailand I got completely ripped off on my taxi at the airport.  Once I picked up my baggage and walked to the main lobby, I was overwhelmed by taxi drivers asking me if I need a ride.  I told them my hotel and they told me a price.  I did this a few times and the price ranged from 600 – 900 baht.  I eventually paid 600 baht and got a ride to my hotel.

The problem is, I paid 350 baht too much.

This is what I should have done:
Ignored all those taxi drivers
2- Go to floor 1 in the Bangkok Airport
3- Follow the sign, “Public Taxi”
4- Wait in the line for 2 minutes and you will be escorted to a public taxi

All public taxis charge by the meter.  There is a standard 35 baht surcharge for every taxi meter.  If you get the taxi at the airport, they add an extra 50 baht surcharge.  After that, all charges are based off the taxi meter.

(Note: If you use a public taxi, you will also need to pay the highway tolls which are about 30 baht from the airport.  However, you will save at least 300 baht by using the public taxi instead of the taxi vultures that prey on unsuspecting tourists.)

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