How to Make 20 Dollars in 20 Minutes with Fiverr

A couple of weeks ago I was having lunch with a friend in Thailand.  I told him about the website and about the book that will teach people how to escape the shitty 9 – 5 world and live in paradise.

This man, we’ll call him Andy, loved the idea.

Nine years ago he got sick and tired of his life in England.  The weather, the unfriendly people, and the unfulfilling job were wearing him down.

With nothing to his name besides one credit card, he decided to leave it all behind and move to Thailand.

Without any sort of a guide, it took him six months to create his first dollar on the internet.  It took another six months for him to fully support himself.

Since then, he has been living in Thailand enjoying a life he could only dream of.  He is now married to a beautiful Thai woman and has two wonderful children.

There have been ups downs in his life, but he has never regretted his decision to leave behind the rat race.

Andy is always on top of the new ways of creating money on the internet.  So during our chat, I asked him a simple question, “What is the easiest way to make a little bit of money on the internet without having any specific skills or contacts?”

Andy:  “Fiverr”
Me:  “What’s that?”
Andy:  “It’s a website that I wish I created.  It’s very simple idea.  It’s a website where workers and employers get together.  People share things that they are willing to do for $5 and you pay them to do it.  You can either be the employer or the worker.”


Example, I post that I will write a 300 word article on any topic.  Someone will see my post and hire me for the job.  When I complete the job, I get paid $4 and $1 goes to the website:

As Andy explained, the goal is to post a job that will take you less than five minutes.

This is how you can make a minimum $20 an hour while living in Thailand.  Although it will not make you a millionaire, it’s a great idea to make a little bit of extra spending money with no effort.

The jobs range from the serious to the hilarious, below are a few jobs people have been hired for on

“I will professionally edit any photograph for $5”

“I will give you a Spanish lesson on Skype for $5”

“I will scream any name or website over and over again like a delusional psychopath for 20 seconds for $5”

“I will personally review your Linkedin profile and make recommendations for success for $5”

“I will promote your website by 30 real duggs on Digg for $5”

“I will send you 3 pictures with whatever you want written on my face for $5”

If 12 people hired you for a 5 minute job, you just made $48 an hour!

You can either be serious or creative or both.  There are thousands of ways to make $20 in 20 minutes using the website:

For more ways to make money while living in Thailand, check out our new book: How To Make Money While Living in Thailand

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  • diego corgna says:

    Hello seven i bought the membership today i can download those ebook about Live in Thailand Lifestyle Guide eBook How to Make Money Living in Thailand eBook ? I can’t find any vip only area where download

  • Kirk says:

    Although my question is not necessarily related to this article, am hoping someone can help me. I wish to open a thai bank account as a regular traveller from australia I think it could come in handy for me, but no idea on which specific bank or what is involved. any suggestions??

  • Sam says:

    but what about the money?
    they send it via paypal? or to your credit card?
    how does it work?

    and what should i offer for 5 dollars. haha

    maybe a food decription how to cook a some dinner?
    or write some sport article?
    or help someone in english?

    i dont really know?

    and does the person have to pay u before u give them the video or information u sell?

    i think im just very new into this, i really want to make money online also, i also want to try affliate marketing and i have read a little about it on the internet.

    but its really confusing how it all works.

    also about affiliate marketing, how to make the webpage, how to get the commercial on the webpage and how to get money from it.

    it all seems confusing untill now.

  • Sam says:

    And same time who says anyone will want to buy what u are offering there on fiverr.
    if its up to me to buy from there i will not buy anything from there.
    it all looks like crazy things that dosent worth a penny or cent or anything at all.

    • The key is to “TEST”.

      It’s free to post a gig on fiverr and only takes a couple of minutes.

      You have very little to lose and a lot to gain.

      P.S. Don’t judge fiverr too quickly. I won’t go into details, but this is one of the most useful sites I’ve ever come across as a buyer to get business stuff done.

      It has plenty of goofy things on it. But it also has plenty of useful gigs that can grow and market any business.

  • Sam says:

    I have been thinking about affiliate marketing, but still only thinking, not sure yet if i will do it.

    but the Fiverr also seem interesting.

    but i think there are thousands if not millions of people on that page. and most of the things are crazy things, someone who will make a rap or dance or other more crazy things.

    and what will i offer there?
    some lessons in english?

    or some crazy dance or jump or write articles?

    and then what will happen after some years when i get older?

    then i will regret i made some crazy dance or noise or jump or other weird things on videos that might end up on youtube or other places and the whole world will be laughing at u?

    • The more and more I use fiverr, the more and more I like it.

      And there are some people cleaning up and making ALOT of money on it.

      The goal with fiverr is to create a “unique” gig based off of something that will take you very little time. This can be based off of a template philosophy or a product that is an instant download (how to books).

      It you’re drawing a creative blank, just look through through the website and ask yourself, “Can I copy what this guy is doing and complete it within 5 minutes. If you can’t, find a different gig. If you can, change around a few words and offer it on the site.

      This is one of the easiest ways to make an extra 300 – 500 dollars a month by working less than 30 minutes a day.

      Won’t make you a millionaire. But great for a little spending money.

      Once you learn to make money on the internet, your life instantly becomes more flexible.

      Note About Affiliate Marketing:
      Almost all these “professionals” are making their money selling the dream with fancy sales pages. Which means, their main source of income comes from you buying their products, not from the actual affiliate marketing. This is where you will find by far the biggest scams on the internet.

      Although you can make money doing it, you just need to have a solid plan and strategy designed from legit guys. Good luck with finding that.

  • Dan says:

    Fiverr’s great – it’s evolved into a whole industry now. It’s a great place to get hot chicks hold up a banner or something else dumb you can stick on your website.

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