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Koh Chang

About White Sand Beach Koh Chang

White Sand Beach is by far the most popular beach located on Koh Chang Thailand, and it is also the most built up. You can’t go wrong here for swimming, volleyball or just worshiping the sun.

You’ll probably be spending your time on the center or northern end of the beach—because the south side is rocky.

Locals and tourists agree, that the best time to come here is from October to April because of the amazon weather, but White Sand Beach can still be a great destination outside these times.

In addition to the restaurants, bars and massage (about 200-to-300 baht) – there are great hotels right on the sand. White Sand beach is a national park like much of the rest of Koh Chang, so don’t expect parasailing, banana boats or water bikes. Similarly, beach chairs are in short supply, usually offered by the hotels for guests only or for a fee (public restroom are also available, also for a fee).

Try the fresh seafood, which you can eat in earshot of the surf—are plentiful at White Sand Beach, across a range of prices. Accommodations range from large resorts to budget huts. For those looking to walk the middle ground, there are several three-star facilities worth examining.

Keeree Ele is a four-story building set about 300 meters from the beach, with a contemporary condo-type feel. The rooms have modern amenities and private balconies with mountain views. The facility offers adult and children’s pools.

Stepping up, the Banpu Koh Chang Hotel is beachfront  on the southern end of White Sand Beach. The hotel is set among a lush garden and villas offer stunning ocean views. The resort has a pool and restaurant and a variety of room options, including a “family room” that features seven twin beds to accommodate large groups.

Another upscale option is the Chang Buri Resort & Spa, which is a family facility with rooms either facing the mountains or facing the sea. The hotel offers a pool and a restaurant, but the beach is the main feature. Step out the door and you are on the sand.

Banpu Koh Chang Hotel offers the comforts of a private beach, rooms with a seaview, tropical gardens, and international cuisi...

From 40 USD

Enjoy the luxurious beach pool, wood fired oven pizza, poolside bar, diving, fishing, and more at Kacha Resort & Spa Koh Chan...

From 73 USD

The Chang Buri Resort & Spa offers scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, motor biking, boating, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and ...

From 46 USD

Go kayaking, play beach volleyball, have a lounge in the sauna, or go diving at the peacefully secluded KC Grande Resort & Sp...

From 79 USD

Koh Chang's White Sand Beach Resort is the perfect location to explore the city's many exotic attractions while living in lux...

From 42 USD

Top Resort is set in a lovely garden filled with dolphin swimming, jungle trekking, German breakfasts, and homemade bakery go...

From 40 USD

Situated on the White Sand Beach, Keeree Ele Hotel offers nice boat trips and provides easy access to local shops and restaur...

From 47 USD

Outstanding concierge service, upscale recreation and premium relaxation treatments are available at Koh Chang's Cookies Hote...

From 1000 USD
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