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The Real Man’s Travel Guide to Chiang Mai Thailand

Welcome to the Gods of Thailand insider guides for Chiang Mai. Seven will show you the best nightlife, clubs, bars, hottest Thai girls, sex in Chiang Mai, and much more.

The Appeal of Living in Chiang Mai Thailand

Let’s face it: Chiang Mai does not have the same night life as Pattaya or Bangkok no matter how some bloggers try to justify it— and there are no beaches to be found anywhere. ...

Tom’s (Mini) Guide to Eating in Chiang Mai Thailand

If you’re like me and the rest of the world’s population; you like to eat. Chiang Mai Thailand has incredible food, where even the western food is sometimes just as good as wha...

Best Soapy Massage in Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai is not the land of Soapy Massages, for that you need to go to Bangkok or Pattaya.  However, unlike Koh Samui, there are a few Soapys in Chiang Mai with one that keeps m...

Travel in Thailand – From Chiang Mai To Other Major Cities

Traveling in and out of Chiang Mai Thailand is pretty easy.  The airlines that fly out of Chiang Mai consistently offer great deals to Bangkok which can cost as low as 1000 baht (...

List – The 7 Best Nightclubs in Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai is not the easiest city in Thailand to party in if you are coming in blind.  However, if I have a rough guide, you’ll find that there are some nice clubs with very be...

Party and Nightlife Guide to Chiang Mai Thailand

It’s been years since I’ve been living in Thailand and I never made it up to Chiang Mai. This obviously isn’t too upsetting with places like Bangkok and Samui to keep me occu...

Chiang Mai Thailand – The Rose of The North

There are two things that will probably bring you to visit Chiang Mai Thailand, the super low cost of living and the Thai culture. Where in larger cities like Bangkok you can hardl...

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