Quick Nightlife Guide to Surin Beach in Phuket

During the high season (late October to May), Surin Beach has somewhat of a nightlife with a few weekly parties. The low season predictably sees this nightlife subside quite a bit, but you can still have fun at the bars and restaurants. Overall, Surin Beach is pretty mellow but provides a good time.

Surin Bay Inn

Surin Bay Inn is a simple but good bar that has pub food. Many of the people who hang out here do so regularly, but anyone is welcome. The inn is open from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. every day and is not far from TwinPalms Hotel.

Catch Beach Club

Catch Beach Club is a nicer dining place that is not far from Surin Beach itself. The food and the drinks are high-quality and you can enjoy them to the sounds of live music as well as DJs. During the high season, you may be able to catch a livelier party here. Since a road runs through the middle of Catch Beach Club, you’ll see many people wandering around enjoying the atmosphere.


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