What To Do for Fun at Night in Phuket Town

Phuket Town is less crazy at night than Patong, but it has its own style and can be a lot of fun. Phuket Town is a great place to go for nightlife if you would like to meet some Thais or just get a better understanding of modern Thai life. Lively and somewhat carefree, this is an ideal city for getting introduce to Thai nightlife and Thai culture in general.

Ka Jok See Restaurant and Bar

Ka Jok See is a higher-end restaurant that has received lots of press around the world. The look and atmosphere of this restaurant and bar are elegant and its nice décor and architecture make it the perfect place to go for a nice dinner out with a romantic partner or with friends. The music is good and later in the evening the dancing starts. In spite of its style and high-quality ways, Ka Jok See is not too expensive, but you may want to make reservations ahead of time. It is open every day but Monday from 6 p.m. to midnight.

Pink Chamois, Pink Lady Club, and Pink Lady 2002

These three venues are spread out around Phuket Town but all feature attractive girls and somewhat expensive drinks. Pink Chamois has live music sung by its sexy staff and some private karaoke rooms as well. The other two venues usually don’t have singers. All three focus on Thai and Asian clients but everyone is welcome. They are open every day from 7 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.

Buddy Cafe

Dozens of pretty girls sing at Buddy Café, and for their efforts are rewarded with garlands of pretend flowers. Afterwards, the girls turn in the flowers in to the managers for more useful rewards. There is food available and things are set up to focus on the stage and the women’s skimpy outfits. Buddy Café is located on Soi Nimit, which is not far from Seahorse Traffic Circle. It is open from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Roxy Bar

Roxy Bar is not only the only place to go for authentic Turkish dishes, it also offers great dishes for other cuisines including Thai and Mexican. The bar is fairly small but popular, and the drinks are priced fairly. You can enjoy a pool game, watch sports matches, or join in a quiz night (held on Wednesdays). Roxy Bar is open every day from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Wonderland Phuket

This cocktail lounge also specializes in serving champagne and is a classier alternative to much of the area’s nightlife. Wonderland Phuket is located in an old shop-house which adds to the cool atmosphere and seems to take patrons back into the past, featuring Victorian décor. It’s very pretty and is conveniently located at Yaowarat Road in downtown Phuket Town. It is open from 6 p.m. to midnight.

Movie Theaters

Phuket Town has its share of cinemas that feature both western movies and Thai and other Asian productions. The best theaters include the Coliseum Paradise Multiplex, located next door to Ocean Shopping Mall and SFX Coliseum. The latter is at Central Festival Phuket Mall. Besides watching movies, you can enjoy a drink and the usual concession snacks. Both have game areas as well. Coliseum Paradise is on Tilok U Thit Road while SFX is located on Central Festival’s third floor.

Fever Corner

This beer garden is situated on Takuapa Road not far from several other similar venues. Fever Corner is limited to those aged twenty and older and the hostesses are attractive and engaging, and the prices aren’t bad either. The nearby competing beer gardens include Seng Tawan and Sure Garden. Fever Corner is open from 7 p.m. until late at night and isn’t far from Talingchan Bridge.

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