7 Must See Attractions for Patong Beach in Phuket

Although Patong is best known for its vibrant nightlife, there are many other attractions to be enjoyed around town. Stick to Soi Banga’s wild night scene or explore the huge Jungceylon Shopping Mall. If you are looking to get in touch with Patong’s roots, check out Wat Patong or the Kathu Shrine.

Soi Bangla

Soi Bangla is the place to go to party in Patong. Dozens of bars are located along this soi and it gets crowded at night during the high season, though the low season is pretty lively too. If you’re looking for girls, head here. If you’re not, Soi Bangla is probably still your destination. Enjoy a beer and some great (and increasingly loud) music until the early hours of the morning. Soi Bangla is safe and tons of fun.

Shell World Museum

The Shell World Museum makes for an interesting place to visit while you are in Patong. Located in Jungceylon Shopping Mall, in the mall’s Sino Phuket Zone. The creator of this museum, Jom, is a passionate collector of seashells and he proudly displays them to the public here. Thousands of fossils and shells, some of them quite unusual, will dazzle visitors. Young children are admitted for free and the fee for adults is small. Definitely check it out when you visit the mall. The museum is open every day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Bangla Boxing Stadium

Take in an impressive Muay Thai boxing fight at Bangla Boxing Stadium. Fights occur three nights per week and feature highly skilled fighters from around the world. Most fighters are men, but you may occasionally catch a women’s match. This is Thailand’s national sport and this stadium is run by real professionals. Once located over at Soi Bangla, Bangla Boxing Stadium is now behind Jungceylon Shopping Mall and can be easily identified by two large statues of Muay Thai fighters on top of the building. Fights occur on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday beginning at 9 p.m.

Kathu Shrine

This shrine, once small, is now one of the most important and sacred in Phuket. Kathu Shrine has been expanded relatively recently but still has a traditional design that includes great attention to detail. The shrine is also known because it was the site of the first Vegetarian Festival in Phuket. It is located in Kathu village, on Samkong-Kathu Road. It is every day.

Jungceylon Shopping Mall

The Jungceylon Shopping Mall is located right in the downtown across from Bangla Road. They have two big, main stores, a department store and the Big C supermarket. Over two hundred other stores make up the rest of the mall selling everything you could desire, including high-end goods. Whether you’re looking for electronics or name brand clothing, you can find it here. The mall also has its own bowling alley and movie theater.

Simon Cabaret Show

The Simon Cabaret Show has great, glamorous transvestite performers, dim lighting, and soft seating that will let you enjoy the show in comfort. There are three cabaret performances per night, at 6, 7:45, and 9:30 p.m.

Wat Suwan Khiri Wong (Patong Beach Temple)

Wat Suwan Khiri Wong offers a bit of respite and peace in the middle of so much activity. This sacred temple is often refered to as Wat Patong and is an important center for local Buddhists. The architecture is very beautiful and the temple buildings include a monastery hall and a pagoda. Villagers arrive each morning to donate food to the monks. The temple also features some nice statues of the Buddha. Visitors are welcomed every day from early in the morning until early evening.

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