About Beer Bars on Bangla Road in Patong

The beer bars of Patong Beach are located on Bangla Road and its small offshoots. Check them out for drinks and girls.

Phuket Beer Bars (Bar Beers)

The beer bars in Phuket are outdoor venues that play loud music and have numerous scantily dressed beauties outside and in. Anyone can hang out in these bars whether they’re looking for girls or not but you might expect to be invited to play a few games with them while you’re there. Some of the bars include U2, The Wet Spot, and Kangaroo Bar, which all have loud music without as many girls, but still offer lots of fun and good times.

You’ll often be invited into a bar with the phrase “Hello, Welcome!” called to you by the girls outside. Choose a crowded or nearly empty bar, whatever suits you best.

What to Expect at a Beer Bar in Phuket

The girls at the bars are very friendly and hang all over pretty much every male customer. They will do their best to get you to play a bar game with them, something like connect four or trying to drive a nail through a piece of wood. Think twice before you lay your money down by betting on who will win!

Of course, you can put up money to spend more time with the girl or perhaps arrange for even more private time. Beer bars are all over the place and you won’t have trouble finding one right after another. Try Black Cat or Sharky Bar, two popular bars along Bangla Road.

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