Insiders Guide to the Best GoGo Bars in Patong

There are quite a few go go bars in Patong and all of them feature beautiful girls who don’t wear much in the way of clothing and dance to the music and sometimes provide some raunchy shows. Most go go bars in Patong don’t have an entrance fee, but make sure you buy a drink. You may buy a so-called lady drink (usually a little more expensive) for the dancers or staff girls at some bars.

Patong’s A-Go-Go Bars are mostly situated on or near Bangla Road. There are numerous sois – small lanes – and they contain many bars which have their own names but are often referred to under the name of the soi, such as Soi Seadragon. Prices vary, but expect to pay about 100 baht for a beer.

You’ll have no trouble finding the go go bars – not only are they pretty close together, but girls who hand out fliers and call out to you on the street will be sure and let you know where to go.

At a go go bar, you’ll find scantily clad girls in short skirts pole dancing. There is always seating near the stage, but there are more private areas as well if you don’t want to get caught in the spotlight. The prettiest and younger girls are in the bars that are located nearest to Bangla Road’s center.

Shows are usually performed multiple times per night and come in the follow types:

Bath Show – Pretty much what it sounds like, a bath show will involve a member of the audience. Nothing crazy happens, but if you’re selected and are easily embarrassed don’t be afraid to decline. These shows are a lot of fun.

Ping Pong Show – The most popular type of show. One of the girls – often an older woman, since it takes a lot of practice – will entertain with goldfish, ping pong balls, unopened beer bottles, and more. If you can’t figure out what to expect, you’ll be surprised at exactly what these ladies can do.

Girl Shows – Two girls and a sexy atmosphere.

Body Painting – This body painting is done in black light and the artists are truly impressive with what they can create on the girls’ bodies.

There are many go go bars to choose from in Patong, but here are some of the 7 best:

Roxy A Go-Go

Roxy A Go-Go at Soi Vegas is very large and has two stages. The attraction here is, of course, the girls. Some pole dance while others engage in other dances and various ping pong show type acts. This is the place to go if you’re looking for wilder action and raunchier shows in Patong. The seating area by the stage can be crowded, so get there early to obtain a good seat and ensure that your view isn’t blocked by other patrons. The girls here are very beautiful and talented, adding to Roxy A Go-Go’s popularity.

Devil’s Playground A GoGo

Devil’s Playground has plenty of girls, separated into devils – who have bright read horns – and angels, who sport wings. Expect a higher price for the first drink, but there is no entrance fee. Recently redesigned, Devil’s Playground has put more effort into its theme and décor than many other bars. The seating areas with a good view a limited, so grab a seat while you can. Devil’s Playground is located at Soi Seadragon.

House of Sound

Located at Soi Seadragon on Bangla Road, the House of Sound doesn’t have an entrance fee but you will be expected to order a drink while you wait for the show to begin; girls usually pole dance in the meantime. The usual pingpong shows with a few extra features go on here and aren’t very long but are still fun.

Play School A GoGo

Playschool is a well-established go-go bar that offers shows that include some real expert talents, live creatures (usually fish), and some other interesting objects. The atmosphere is friendly and the prices are neither too high nor too low. Play School A Go Go doesn’t stand out too much from its neighbors, but it still makes for a good time that will give you some stories to tell back home. There is no entry fee for this bar, which is located in Soi Seadragon.

Moulin Rouge in Bangla Road

The Moulin Rouge is part of Soi Vegas on Bangla Road and like almost all go go bars in Patong has no entry fee. This is a Russian bar and the girls (also Russian) pole dance and do some more personal dances, although they always expect a tip, so have some money ready.

Rock Hard A Go-Go

Rock Hard A Go-Go is one of the oldest go-go bars in Patong. It’s part of Soi Bangla, which is conveniently situated right on Bangla Road. The girls are very pretty, but there aren’t any shows here and they tend not to get too involved with dancing near customers. Still, you can take in some drinks and watch the girls dance from 2:30 p.m. to 2 a.m.

The Secret

The Secret is one of the few go go bars in Patong that charges an entry fee, but it is also the best. The entrance fee is negotiable depending on how busy the bar is on a given night. The Secret has many tables and lounging areas that are located around a big main stage.

The main show plays multiple times per night and is quite well-done and a little classier than some other nearby go go locales. The girls are pretty and dance well during their shower shows and as they model their bikinis. The staff girls wear little in the way of clothing and are willing to sit and chat in exchange for a drink.

The Secret is a newer venue and is currently open from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. It is located underneath the Hollywood Disco on Bangla Road.

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