About Nai Harn Beach in Phuket

The warm, clean, and clear waters at Nai Harn Beach are making it an increasingly popular destination. Already known as an especially beautiful beach, Nai Harn not only has smooth waters but great sand and a large inland lagoon. During the monsoon season (from about June to October), there is a danger of rip tides so be sure to visit during the high season instead. Still somewhat unknown among many tourists, Nai Harn Beach has a lot to offer.

Restaurants in Nai Harn Beach

There are lots of restaurants all along the beach at Nai Harn, serving a variety of dishes and drinks. You can also get both snacks (including fruit and ice cream) and drinks from some beach vendors. Most of the restaurants have large menus featuring various cuisines, although Thai food is the most commonly offered.

Sunbeds and Restrooms  in Nai Harn Beach

There are numerous sunbeds available right on the beach, which can be rented for a whole day for quite reasonable prices. They often include a table to use as well. Toilets can be used at most restaurants for a slight fee, but there are also public toilets near the shops.

Surfing in Nai Harn Beach

The south end of Nai Harn Beach is a good spot for surfing, thanks to a good sandbank here, but the northern area of the beach usually offers the biggest waves. It’s a strong but uncrowded surf spot, so it may be the perfect choice anyone interested in riding the waves.

Water Sports at Nai Harn Beach

In addition to surfing, Nai Harn Beach is home to boogie boarding, snorkeling, swimming, and more. The northern area of the beach is the best of snorkeling, but the area suitable for this sport goes all the way to Ao Sane Beach. Boogie boarding also has its best spot at the northern end. You can rent equipment for either sport from any number of beach vendors and shops, or you may purchase your own.

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