Nightlife Guide for La On Village in Khao Lak

Nightlife is laid back on La On Village, with a smattering of pubs and a bit of live music.

In fact, La On is small enough to walk the length and sample what you like.

But for those who prefer to start the night with a destination in mind, here are three great places to visit after dark in La On Village.

Happy Snapper

Happy Snapper is one of the most popular establishments in Khao Lak and Phang Nga, featuring live music amid a nice décor, with bar snacks available. The music starts at 10:30 p.m. and the house band will invite amateur musicians to play on occasion. By midnight, the place is jamming.

Discovery Cafe

The roadside Discovery Café is both a restaurant and bar—and a great spot to have a drink after dark.

O’Connor’s Irish Pub

This place is unique: an Irish pub run by Germans and serving Korean food (at least when the barbeque is running). But O’Connor’s has a well-stocked bar, plenty of bee on tap and offers Thai and international dishes when the Korean menu is shelved. There is also live music on occasion and even cooking classes, from time to time.

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