What To Do at Karon Beach – Phuket Thailand

Karon Beach has a milder style compared with some other areas of Phuket. With plenty of activities for adults and children alike to enjoy, it has a lot to offer to any traveler. Enjoy some sports, relax at a spa, or get closer to nature while you’re in Karon Beach with some of the excellent activities available here.

1. Thai Cooking Classes

A number of hotels in Karon Beach offer Thai cooking courses taught by expert chefs. From Pad Thai to more exotic dishes, you’ll learn how to not only cook Thai food but to create that great balance of flavors that makes it so appealing. By taking a Thai cooking class, you’ll be able to have fun while also learning great skills you can show off back home.

2. Thai Massage and Spa Treatments

There are several excellent spas in Karon Beach, mostly located in the resorts that line the beach itself. Thai massages are often the most popular option, but most of these spas offer a variety of massage techniques as well as body wraps, herbal therapies, and other medicinal and beauty treatments. Some of the most luxurious ingredients go in to making the massage and aromatherapy oils used by these well-trained and experienced masseuses. Treat yourself and inquire at the resorts about their spa services.

3. Yoga Classes

There are a number of private yoga teachers working and they can often be contacted through some of the excellent resorts at Karon Beach. While the resorts may arrange classes, there are two yoga centers in Karon Beach that offer excellent yoga classes that highlight or combine a variety of yogic styles. You must book lessons in advance, so prepare to visit the centers or call the resorts in order to arrange a lesson.

4. Elephant Trekking near Karon

Elephant trekking is a popular activity that you can engage in at Kata Noi Beach. Elephants are remarkable animals and Thailand takes pride in the country’s long relationship with these creatures. By joining an elephant trek, you’ll get an amazing opportunity to ride an elephant across a beach or through the jungle.


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