3 Fun Things To Do in Kamala Beach Phuket

Kamala Beach has expanded in recent years and now offers a number of interesting activities for tourists. Complementing its beautiful beaches are a variety of things to do that include spas, cooking classes, and even a lawn bowling club.

1. Visit Kamala Lawn Bowling Club

People of all ages and skill levels can enjoy themselves at Kamala Lawn Bowling Club. Unique in Phuket, the lawn bowling club is open every day from noon until late at night and offers food and drinks for after your game. You can even be picked up at your hotel for a small fee and all the equipment you will need is included.

2. Take a Yoga Class

Take a yoga class in Kamala Beach and enjoy one of Phuket’s great opportunities to learn more about yoga and get in some good practice. There are many classes all over the area, but some popular centers include the Shiv Yoga Studio at Boat Lagoon and Karuna Yoga and Meditation Center at Nakatani Village. Classes are generally led in English and explore a number of different yogic styles.

3. Visit a Spa and Receive a Thai Massage

Kamala Beach has several professional and very nice spas which cater to both men and women. Mostly located within resorts, you can receive traditional Thai massages as well as more western-style treatments. In addition to massages, these spas generally offer facial treatments, wraps, saunas, manicures, and pedicures. A number of them also offer hot tubs or special bathing pools. Resorts with spas include Aquamarine Resort and Villa, Cape Sienna, and Courtyard by Marriott.

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