About Kamala Beach in Phuket Thailand

Kamala Beach isn’t a happening place for activities, but that is just how most visitors like it. Here you can relax, sunbathe, or read on the sandy shores of the beautiful sea.

There are a number of activities available, mainly water-related sports. Things are mild at Kamala Beach for most of the year, but there are occasionally dangerous waters from May to October, although not often. The calm waters make it an ideal place for swimming while the larger waves during the southwestern monsoon season offer some opportunities for surfing.

Watersports and Activities at Kamala Beach

There aren’t many activities going on around Kamala Beach that don’t have to do with the water. Snorkeling and scuba diving are both possible and watersports such as parasailing are available. You can also rent a longtail boat and cruise around the area.

When it comes to surfing, the northern end of Kamala is where you’ll want to investigate first.

Beach Vendors

The vendors on Kamala beach sell their goods by walking up and down the beach and speaking to visitors. The vendors are quite nice and won’t bother you if you smile and give a polite no in response to their offerings. If you would like to by something, it’s expected that you’ll bargain a little.

You can rent sunbeds through vendors who are mainly gathered in south Kamala Beach.

Food in Kamala Beach

There are restaurants located in all of the hotels on Kamala Beach. Most have both global and Thai dishes. You can get seafood or Thai from local joints located nearby, and a little further on you’ll encounter some street vendors as well.

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