Koh Chang

About Lonely Beach on Koh Chang

The mile long stretch of sand south of Kai Bae Beach earned its name as the last stop on the pickup truck that traditionally carries passengers up and down the coast, known as a songtaew.

Backpackers called this place, Lonely Beach.

But Lonely Beach is lonely no more. Once very secluded, today it is a resort destination that caters to visitors up and down the economic scale, offering a mix of accommodations from small huts to luxury bungalows. It is a good place for budget-minded travelers to get off the standard path.

With a stunning view of the jungle and mountains, Lonely Beach is at its best late in the year, October through April. It is wide and clean and offers plenty of space. But it is rocky and those looking to swim or play water sports may be better off up the coast at Kai Bae.

Local hotels provide towels and chairs. Internet cafes, grocers and cash machines are all available, as are bathroom facilities (some places charge). Massage huts line the beach, for those willing to pay 200 to 300 baht for a rubdown. And beach vendors are usually around, many of them more on the aggressive side than not.

However, this doesn’t extend to food, and those looking for a meal on Lonely Beach will likely find themselves headed to the resorts, where traditional Thai dishes and international fare are available in abundance.

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