Koh Chang

What to See on Koh Chang

With miles of sandy beaches and a buzzing nightlife, Koh Chang hardly needs additional attractions. But they are here all the same.

Visitors to this family destination can get a great view of local life on the island and sample some delicious Thai dishes. But there’s plenty more to do, from watching the fireflies to visiting local fishing villages.

View the Waterfalls

Visitors to Klong Plu Waterfall, on the west side of the island in the Klong Prao area, are treated to a three-story cascade over sleek dark rock. It is easily accessible by bicycle or scooter, and there are plenty of amenities nearby, including many restaurants. There are 5 waterfalls on the island of Koh Chang, including the famous Thanmayom Waterfall.

Watch the Fireflies

On Koh Chang, fireflies light up the island’s mangroves from November to January like hundreds of glorious yellow-green lanterns. The view is best from the water, either via a tour or by renting a boat. Both options can be arranged through most hotels.

Holy Shrine of Chao Por Ko Chang

The shrine of the godfather and godmother of Ko Chang, known as Chao Por and Chao Mae Ko Chang, is near the Ao Thammachat pier. Local legend holds that many wishes have been granted and prayers answered at the shrine, which is said to bring peace and good luck to the island.

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