Koh Chang

Nightlife Guide for Koh Chang Thailand

Koh Chang is an island that has it all. Besides beautiful and safe beaches, Koh Chang has many day and night venues to entertain and satisfy travelers. By day, visitors can simply enjoy the sand and water, play beach games, or explore the sea. At night, the island becomes more active with the opening of its many nightlife venues.

The great thing about nightlife in Koh Chang is the variety. Those who are looking for laid-back spots, be it a pub or a café, will find multiple options here. Enjoy games with friends old and new or simply relax with a good pint while watching a sports match on TV. Be tucked inside a cozy venue or sit in the open air at one of the beach bars and appreciate the views or even a fire show.

Alternately, you can head to Lonely Beach or White Sand Beach for a livelier time with lots of music, bigger crowds, and more shows. There is a small group of bars that offer the wilder nightlife or you can stick to the beachfront bars to simply get in some good dancing and drinking throughout the night. Here visitors encounter not only ready-to-mingle strangers but good music and better vibes.

You will find a variety of nightlife on most of Koh Chang’s beaches, but beach bars are definitely the most popular venues.


Karaoke is a fun way to spend an evening with friends in Koh Chang – or maybe you would just prefer that strangers be witness to your talents. Many of the hotels and resorts around the beachs of Koh Chan – including White Sand Beach, Kai Bae Beach, and Klong Prao Beach – have karaoke options so that you can sing to your favorite songs or to Thai hits.


Pubs are a great place to hang out with friends or meet new ones while enjoying traditional pub food like fish and chips and sipping a cold beer (although other drinks are available). Most have pool tables, darts, and TVs tuned to the sports channels. Some also have live music. Many are restaurants as well, and some are good for families earlier in the night.


When searching for bars in Koh Chang, you will have several different types to choose from. Beer bars serve mainly spirits and cocktails, and usually have a focus on just being a good place to hang out at night, especially for men who are looking for women. The best beaches for these are Kai Bae and White Sand. The roadside bars are usually right near the beaches and serve inexpensive drinks of all kinds, and usually a few snacks as well. Lastly, you can visit a beach bar, the most common and popular kind. Beach bars typically have good lounging areas, excellent live music, and even fun fire shows.


If you’re looking to hang out in the day sans alcohol, head to one of Koh Chang’s cafes. They are perfect for relaxing and catching up on e-mails, since they usually have WiFi. Many also have mini libraries of reading material and their hours extend into the evening. Have some coffee, fresh-baked bread, or a pastry any time of day. Pap’s Deli, located in Kai Bea, is one of the most popular and specializes in baked goods.

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