Thailand Health and Medical Tourism 101

Thailand Health and Medical Tourism 101

“What exactly is Thailand health tourism? What are some pros and cons to getting medical care done in Asia?”

Thailand has established a reputation as an amazing destination for a great number of tourist activities, but today it is become increasingly well-known for medical tourism. The standards for health care in Thailand are very high and you can access excellent medical institutions here. It is no surprise that a growing number of health tourists are headed here for procedures and treatments.

One major draw is the lower prices for just about everything compared to the West. This includes air fare, hotels, and, clearly, health care. This is especially true for those who seek private health care, which can be quite expensive in other countries, particularly in nations where private insurance may choose not to cover even basic procedures. In addition, some people simply do not have access to the type of procedures that Thailand’s doctors can provide.

Another benefit of heading to Bangkok for health care is the environment. Before or after your treatment, you can enjoy the great city life or the beaches to your heart’s content. The money you save on your procedure can certainly serve to buy some time at a nice resort, get you into some clubs, or take an amazing tour in the countryside.

There are a few procedures that are especially popular include common needs like LASIK surgery, heart operations, or dental treatments. Cosmetic surgery is very common as well.

Thailand is known for its hospitality and the health care service is no different. You will be treated well as you receive treatment in excellent medical facilities. Doctors and nurses will have the latest training and education. For more basic treatments, you might go to a state-of-the-art spa to be handled by experienced health workers. Many medical professionals speak English or other foreign languages.

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Thailand has set-out to become the health tourism hub of the region, and it has certainly made plenty of progress. Not only is it a destination for world-class medical treatment at amazing prices, but it is also home to numerous alternative health care treatments such as massages and aromatherapy. As more people come to Thailand for health care and as more Thai health products reach around the world, its reputation is sure to grow even stronger.

More than half a million people visited Thailand as permanent or temporary medical patients in 2004, and the numbers have grown in the years since. These guests are here to take advantage of expertly educated and experienced doctors, friendly staff members, luxurious hospitals, and low prices.

A main focus of the Thai government is to ensure that the quality of care in the country’s clinics, hospitals, spas, and treatment centers doesn’t suffer from the ever-increasing influx of patients. People also worry that too much attention is being given to providing foreigners with specialty and luxury treatments while everyday Thais don’t get the resources they need. The government is putting forth a concerted effort to ensure that both foreign patients and Thais themselves can take care of the amazing services available here.

It seems that Thailand has firmly established itself as one of the best destinations for health tourism in the world.

With all of these advantages, the amount of health tourists visiting Bangkok is sure to keep growing!


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