5 Best Thai Ladyboys Bars in Bangkok

5 Best Thai Ladyboys Bars in Bangkok Thailand
Bangkok’s neon nightlife and bustling bar scene is notorious for its many manic beer bars and raunchy gogo bars crammed with scantily clad young girls selling love by the hour. Perhaps more evident now more than ever are the many Ladyboy bars and gogo which have made a huge impact on the scene and become a key part of Bangkok’s adult playgrounds.

There have always been a few Ladyboy bars and gogos tucked away in the darkest corners of the city’s adult complexes, but today the number and quality of such bars has greatly improved. In fact, some of the Ladyboy bars in Bangkok are among the most popular in the city and without doubt the most fun to spend the night in.
To help you explore the ladyboy bars of the big mango, here’s the God’s of Thailand guide to the 5 best Ladyboy bars in Bangkok:

Cockatoo – Location: Soi Cowboy, opposite Baccara

For many years Bangkok’s soi Cowboy had a very anti-Ladyboy policy. Despite the huge tourist draw and number of bars and gogos packed into this Vegas-esque street it had yet to see an all Ladyboy venue. However, that has now changed with the introduction of Cockatoo, a Ladyboy gogo bar, set in prime location, opposite the popular Baccara a-gogo.

Cockatoo isn’t a huge gogo but quite a narrow bar but with a very clean and modern feel (much like its sister bar, Temptations, over in Nana Plaza). The Ladyboys here are very much top quality, with many of the girls favoring the cute Japanese look (the bar does draw in a lot of Japanese customers). It’s not necessarily the best Ladyboy bar in town but it’s definitely worth a visit and it certainly adds Soi Cowboy to the Ladyboy map.

Darkside Bar – Location: Sukhumvit soi 33 (down the small side soi by Wall Street bar)

Similarly to how Cockatoo has started sending ladyboy lovers to soi cowboy, Darkside Bar is the first real ladyboy on Bangkok’s Sukhumvit soi 33, aka the Artists Soi.

Tucked away at the end of a small side soi, by the entrance of the popular Wall Street Bar, Darkside is very much a Ladyboy lounge rather than a gogo bar. Its location lends itself perfectly for those looking for a more discreet experience, while the friendly staff and laid back vibe make it a very welcome alternative to many of the city’s more in-your-face ladyboy venues.

Check Inn – Location: Sukhumvit soi 7, located just down the alleyway heading to soi 5

Check Inn bar started out life as a small after-dark street bar on Sukhumvit road, close to the entrance of soi 5. Back then it was nothing more than an alco-cart with a couple of tin tables and chairs, and a small team of young, playful Ladyboys. The bar soon built up a following and fan base and eventually it out-grew the street bar and moved to a much larger location.

Today Check Inn can be located in a large bar ser in the small (only-in-Thailand) alley which runs between Sukhumvit soi 5 and soi 7 (the bar is closer to the soi 7 end). It really is a very fun and active lounge bar, with a well stocked bar, decent pool table (be careful, some of the Ladyboys here play like sharks), and a team of smoking hot Ladyboy who can often be found in lingerie or fantasy outfits.

It’s worth noting that the original Ladyboy street bar is also still open outside MacDonald at the corner of Sukhumvit soi 5.

True Obsession (formerly Obsession) – Location: Nana Plaza, Ground Floor

If we were judging Ladyboy bars on the talent of Ladyboys alone, True Obsession would be without doubt the number one. This is where you come if you want young, uber cute, girly type.

The location is pretty good, on the ground floor of Nana Plaza, it’s maybe not an ideal position for those looking for something discreet, but honestly no one in the plaza cares what you do (everyone is busy having the night of their life). Inside the bar is pretty cool too, there’s plenty of seating and the girls dance in bikinis on a rotating stage, so you get a chance to see all the talent, very clearly. The only really negative I could make is that the girl can sometimes be a little pushy, and from the moment you enter it’s not unusually for 2 or 3 of the Ladyboys to mob you and pressure you to buy them Ladyboy drinks (but the Ladyboys here are so hot, so who’s complaining!).

Charades (formerly Cascades) – Location: Nana Plaza, Top Floor

Beating Obsession to the top spot could only be Charades (it recently changed its name from Cascades). While Obsession has such a hot team of feminine looking Ladyboys, Charades blows them away for its sheer number of Ladyboys on staff and the variety of looks and styles of Ladyboy you’ll find here. I’m guessing Obsession has around 30-40 Ladyboys dancing on a busy night, while Charades has at least 80+.

Set on the top floor of Nana Plaza, walking inside Charades is like a trip into the Bat Cave, but instead of shiny gadgets you’ll find silicon filled Ladyboys hungry for love. It’s a pretty huge place, with a massive stage, and always some 20 something Ladyboys dancing. What also works well is that the Ladyboys dance in 3 rotations, with the first being the young, small, cute and girly Ladyboys, the second being the slightly taller, more flirtatious types, and the final set being the more Amazonian, shemale style. Such is the variety here that if you can’t find a Ladyboy you like in Charades then there’s a good chance you don’t like Ladyboys.

Honorable Mentions…


I’m not a big fan of the Ladyboy bars in Patpong, they tend to be very high pressure and a bit too much of a tourist trap, however there are 2 Ladyboy bars here worth mentioning in the form of Kings Castle III and King’s Corner. Unlike other Ladyboy bars in the city both these bars have a mix of post and pre op Ladyboys.


Voodoo is Bangkok’s only dedicated post-op Ladyboy bar. They don’t actually like to advertise themselves as a Ladyboy bar as they get a lot of customers who mistake them as a girl bar. Some of the post-op Ladyboys here will even swear blind that they are a real girls but if you are looking for some post-op action this is the place to come.

Guess Bar

A few years back Guess Bar was the most popular Ladyboy lounge bar in town and a rather chilled alternative to the busy Ladyboy gogos in Nana. Recently it seems to have changed ownership and become more of a Thai style bar, however it still keeps several Ladyboy bars on staff, and being located in the Rajah Hotel car park close to Nana plaza, it’s worth having a look when you’re in the neighborhood.

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