Common Ladyboy Scams in Thailand – Part 1

Common Ladyboy Scams in Thailand

First off, this article isn’t meant to scare you or put you off meeting Ladyboys or visiting Ladyboy bars in Thailand. If you read Thai bar girl forums or blogs that aren’t Ladyboy friendly – you may well hear horror stories about experiences with ladyboys, or people remarking about how frightening, tough, or devious all Ladyboys are. Well these comments are almost always homophobic, uneducated, and generally just ridiculous.

The majority of Ladyboys, just like anyone else you’ll meet in Thailand, are generally pleasant people, who if you treat with kindness and respect will offer you the same in return. However, there are certain scams you may well see, hear about, or experience when meeting Ladyboys in Thailand, especially Ladyboy bar girls and street workers (note: many of these scams are just as common with Thai girls and guys too).

To give you a heads up on what to look out for here is the Gods of Thailand Guide to Common Ladyboy Scams in Thailand:


Now this is less about Ladyboys and more about the bars and gogos they work in. Bill padding is when a venue over-charges you for drinks, usually by adding more drinks to your bill. If you are having 1 or 2 drinks in a bar it’s unlikely that it will happen, but when you are having 4 or 5 drinks, plus maybe buying a few drinks for the staff, it’s not unthinkable that the bar may try to add a few extra drinks on to your bill, especially if you are looking intoxicated.

This scam can appear in any type of beer bar or gogo in Thailand and the best way to avoid it is to follow 3 simple rules:

1. Always make sure you bill sheet is in full view in front of you (this is the small cup that holds your drink bills).

2. Carefully check every bill that the staff place in your chit, and immediately point out any errors.

3. Before paying your final bill go through your bill and calculate the total yourself (you may even want to hand over the right money before they take the bill away to calculate it).

One other tip to note: When handing over large bills (500 and 1000 baht notes), always get them to acknowledge how much they have received in order to avoid getting the wrong change (another occasional scam).


This scam is when a Ladyboy slips a pill into your drink or mouth without you noticing. It’s most commonly done by dropping the pill in your beer bottle but on some rare occasions it can be done by slipping it in your mouth when kissing.

This scam usually takes place back in your hotel room or short time room and the result will be that you will pass out and then wake up several hours later with a thumping head ache and your guest and valuables nowhere to be seen. There are occasions when it has happened in discos and or other venues, especially when the victim is carrying a lot of money or wearing expensive jewelry.

The best way to avoid this scam is by not taking Ladyboy freelancers, especially if they give off any bad vibes or make you feel uncomfortable. This scam is fairly rare and very unlikely to happen when taking a girl from a bar, gogo, or escort agency.

Other Tips For Avoiding This Scam:
1- When taking a Ladyboy back to your room – always get her to check her ID with your hotel security (they will usually hold her ID and keep a record of it).

2- When taking a Ladyboy back to your room immediately lock all your valuables in the room safe (ie your money, bank cards, passport, and anything else of value).

3- When heading out to find Ladyboys or drink in the bars only take with you what you can afford to lose (i.e. enough cash for the night – leave the expensive jewelry and phones in your room safe), especially if you are planning on taking a Ladyboy to a short time room.

4- If you take a Ladyboy back to your room and she is acting suspiciously or making you feel nervous, politely ask her to leave (even if it means paying her a small tip for her time). If she refuses to leave call security.


This scam is when a Ladyboy tries to invite one of her friends to join you in your room. Sometimes it can be done by offering more adventurous sex or sometimes they simply give an excuse that they need to talk to their friend and want to invite her in. Once they are both in the room one Ladyboy will try to distract you, usually by trying to get you to shower together, leaving the other Ladyboy free to search for valuables or go through your pockets/wallet.

As with the spiked drink scam, this is far more common with Ladyboys working on the street and usually takes place in the more seedy short time rooms. It can be avoided by following the same tips given above in the spiked drink scam. Your inner alarm bells should be ringing if you are in a short time with a Ladyboy and her friend knocks at the door asking to come in. If this happens, tell her that you don’t want her to enter or you will leave, or if she does enter make sure your wallet and valuables are with you at all times until she (or you) has left.

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