4 Best Nightclubs to Meet Good Girls in Bangkok

4 Best Nightclubs to Meet Good Girls in Bangkok

The emphasis in this article is on “good girls” so I won’t recommend you go to places like Soi Cowboy in or Nana Plaza Bangkok. If you want to meet girls who come from good families, have good jobs and are well-educated, then check out the following 4 clubs.


For 5+ years RCA has been one of the best places to meet good girls in Thailand. Route 66 and Onyx is where you should go. More girls will speak English at Route 66. Hotter girls will be at Onxy, but you will have to deal with more Thai racism there because some of the girls don’t want to be seen by their friends talking to a foreigner.

The Club

Getting on Khaosan and asking for “The Club” might lead to confusion and comedy so they’ve made this place hard to miss with the big neon blue sign outside. Entry is free so the place gets packed before midnight. Khaosan can be full of drunken backpackers and working girls but you can meet normal Thai girls who are interested in meeting foreigners at The Club. Also, quite a few university girls here.

Bangkok Beats

You can find this bar-meets- club on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1. The first floor will have a live band playing and groups clustered around tables so you can mingle and start talking to the girls. If you’re striking out down there, head upstairs and put your name down to play some pool. Play “winner stays on the table” until you get a game with a nice Thai girl. Either let her win and invite her to a post-game drink, or beat her and find her later to request a rematch.

Levels Club

Starting to become overrun by hookers on the weekdays, Levels on Sukhumvit Soi 11 is still a great place to meet hot “good girls” on weekends.

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