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Must See Attractions in Nai Harn Beach Phuket

Nai Harn Beach is one of the less talked about and less visited beaches on Thailand’s western coast, but that is just why it may be the perfect choice for you. It is quieter and more pristine than many other beaches, yet it is close by Patong and other busy areas. There are plenty of things to do in Nai Harn Beach.

Check out a few of the best attractions:

Windmill Viewpoint

This southern Phuket viewpoint is close to Cape Phrom Thep and is named Windmill Viewpoint thanks to the windmills that look out over the water. Not as busy as Phrom Thep Cape, Windmill Viewpoint is the quieter choice for enjoying sunset views. It is located between Nai Harn Beach and Ya Nui Beach.

Wat Nai Harn

Just a short walk south from Nai Harn Beach is Wat Nai Harn, a monastery that will give you the opportunity to learn more about Buddhist spiritual life in a beautiful setting. Devoted visitors bring donations for the monks in the early hours of the day. The Nai Harn Monastery is a spiritual center and visitors should be respectful in their dress and manner; you’ll be expected to take off your shoes before entering. You can visit Wat Nai Harn until the late afternoon, when it closes to outsider.

Phrom Thep Cape

This is one of the most popular attractions in Nai Harn Beach. It attracts numerous visitors at sunset, who watch the show from the island’s large hill, which offers a great vantage point. Parking is available and many visitors come in cars or on buses to take in the sight and photograph it to share with others. Join travelers and locals in the evening to witness this memorable display.

Kanchanaphisek Lighthouse at Phrom Thep Cape

The Kanchanaphisek Lighthouse is in active service but is still open for visitors. Beautiful from afar and offering striking views of the surrounding area from the top of the tower, this lighthouse was built to mark fifty years of rule by King Rama IX. The Elephant Shrine to Brahma is not far away and Phrom Thep Cape has numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants, not to mention the occasional entertainers and shows. The lighthouse itself has a small museum that is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day.

Promthep Cape Elephant Shrine

Not far away from the most popular sunset spot is the Elephant Shrine, so-named because there are thousands of colorful wooden figures of elephants around it. The shrine is actually devoted to Brahma and makes for a good stop while waiting for the sunset later in the day.

Nai Harn Lake

This freshwater lake is a fun place to go as an alternative to the ocean beach. Nai Harn Lake welcomes participants in various water sports and is also popular with joggers and bicyclists. There is an island in the lake – which isn’t far from the beach – that has a kid’s playground. Fun for families, friends, and individuals, Nair Harn Lake makes for a great day tip and there are plenty of restaurants and bars nearby.

Viewpoints around Nai Harn

There are several wonderful spots in Nai Harn that are ideal for watching the sunset or just appreciating the island’s beauty. It is one of the most popular spots for this type of activity in Phuket and you can choose from Windmill Viewpoint, Promthep Cape (the most popular), and Kata Viewpoint. Windmill Viewpoint is small, but if you can get a spot early you can have a great view with less company than you’ll encounter at Prom Thep. Prom Thep has the best view and has a large parking lot that allows for many visitors with enough room to be comfortable. Kata Viewpoint, also called Three Beaches or Sam Haad, overlooks several beaches and is in between Rawai and Kata. Kata offers gardens and some comfortable pavilions perfect for watching the sun set.

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