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Best Nightlife Guide for Kata Beach in Phuket

A night out in Kata Beach requires you to choose from a number of options that include loud bars with thumping music as well as very simple spots to grab a drink and chat with friends. Most venues are found on Kata Road, a little way back from the beach. There are both girlie bars and family-friendly venues located here, so you can find a suitable nightlife spot whatever your style.

Rick N’Roll Music Café

Rick N’Roll Music Café offers good food and drinks but is most notable for its great live music and for its welcoming owner, Rickie. With a relaxed lounge and a friendly atmosphere, you can feel free to stop in here from about midday until late at night.

Ska Bar

The Ska Bar has amazing views that make it a great spot to watch the sunset. It’s situated on some large granite boulders and is very much a reggae spot. Staff and guests are friendly and the bar often has some great events and parties. You’ll find the Ska Bar in the southern portion of Kata Beach.

Bluefin Tavern

The Bluefin Tavern is a popular spot with tourists and offers Tex-Mex dishes as well as burgers and some other selections. There is a nice terrace and it is air conditioned inside. The Bluefin Tavern, like many of the restaurant-style nightlife venues in Kata Beach, is on Thai Na Road.

Kata Night Bazaar

Kata Night Bazaar is an area filled with girlie bars. Each has its own style and services, but all have plenty of women and a lot of loud music. Wildest later in the night, there are plenty of bars to choose from here on Kata Road.

Anchor Bar

The Anchor Bar has been around for quite a while and remains well-loved. With big screen TVs, a pool table, and a nice view of passers-by, Anchor Bar is a good place to grab a drink and kick back by yourself or with friends.

Robert’s Pub

This pub has lots of great live music that lasts long into the night. A very late night venue, the pub opens at 10 p.m. and is a good place to go after some other bars have started to wind down. It’s located on Thai Na Road and the music here is some of the best to be found in Kata Beach.

Bounty Bar

Bounty Bar is another easy-going venue at Kata Beach that has a very basic set up but is great for just hanging out. The bar has a pool table and several TVs and serves a variety of drinks. Without any frills, the Bounty Bar may be just what you’re looking for when you want a simple night out.

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