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Koh Chang

Where to Eat on Kai Bae Beach

After a day in the sun on Kai Bae, there are many options to fill your belly.

Most obvious, and perhaps most attractive, are the many restaurants at the hotels and resorts along the main road, which offer Thai and international cuisine. Expect seafood-heavy menus—and the seafood is amazing. Most also offer western basics, like burgers and pasta.

An alternative is roadside eateries and food stalls, which can be cheaper and are loaded with local staples such as stir fried chicken in basil and spicy papaya salad. But be careful: when they say spicy here, they often mean it.

Three places to note are Kai Bae Marina, Papa’s Deli and Pao Pak Noodle. Kai Bae Marina is known for big steaks and screens a movie every night. Papa’s Deli is a bakery that offers baguettes, coffee, pastries and air conditioning. Pao Pak Noodle serves what you might expect—noodles. Try the honey-marinated stewed pork.

Perhaps the best way to find a meal in Kai Bae is to stroll the narrow streets. Something will always catch your eye.

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