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Koh Chang

Recreation Sports on Koh Chang Island

With its miles of wide, flat beaches and both river and ocean waters, Koh Chang offers activities far beyond sun worship.

Atop the water, canoes and kayaks are available to explore Koh Chang’s shores or venture to smaller nearby islands. While some hotels provide kayaks free of charge, they can be rented at little expense. An hour is often 100 baht and a full day about 500 baht.

Under the water, the opportunities are equally enticing. For divers and snorkelers, Koh Change is a bounty. Best sampled in the cooler months, from October through April, the western and southern portions of the island are a diver’s paradise.

Diving tours and expeditions are widely available from operators all over the island. One major operator is Ploy Scuba Diving, which provides instruction and transportation to and from most major resorts.

Snorkelers can explore the waters off Koh Chang, as well as the nearby islands of Koh Rayang, Koh Laoya, Koh Wai and Koh Kham.

For those who want to stay on land, Koh Chang offers golf—but not of the 18-hole variety. Rather, mini-golf is available here, on the northern section of Kai Bea Beach.

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