Where to Eat at Naklua Bay Pattaya

Eating in Naklua and Wong Amat is what you might expect, with many visitors dining in hotels and resorts, in the smattering of expat-run pubs or subsisting on street food.

And all those options are great. Street food especially—try the stalls near the Aiyara Palace Hotel, where locals eat—can be both cheap and delicious.

But those seeking a restaurant experience will not be disappointed. Here are three great restaurants to try in Naklua and Wong Amat.

Moom Aroi

A two-story restaurant that fronts the sea, Moom Aroi is perhaps Pattaya’s largest—and most popular—restaurant. Reservations are recommended, but the phone call is worth it. Try the curry crab stir fry or the stir-fried squid with salted egg yolks and you’ll understand.

Sip and Byte Bistro

Decorated like a cozy home, the bistro serves a mix of Thai and western dishes and offers terrace seating outdoors.

The Balcony Terrace

The Balcony Terrace is an open-front coffeehouse good for people watching. Coffees, teas, sandwiches and pastries are served. Try the brownies—you won’t be disappointed!

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