3 Fun Activities for Jomtien Beach Pattaya

Jomtien Beach itself is usually the main attraction, drawing sun worshipers who want to laze in the sand.

But for those who want some action, there’s no shortage of opportunities, from windsurfing to parasailing.

Here are three great activities on Jomtien Beach:

Pattaya Kart Speedway

With a bungee jump, an off-road track and two go-cart tracks, Pattaya Kart Speedway is a great destination for those who want to have fun on land for a while. Separate tracks are offered for amateurs and those who are more advanced.

Bamrung Sailing and Paramotor Centre

Bamrung offers paramotoring, parasailing, windsurfing and more, including both equipment and instruction (including certificated courses). Canoes, kayaks and catamarans are also available for rent.

Pattaya Lakeland Cable Skiing

Cable skiing, in which the skier is towed by an electrically operated cable rather than a boat, is growing in popularity. And it is available on a large, freshwater lake about 5 kilometers from Pattaya.

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