Where To Go Shopping on Jomtien Beach Pattaya

Jomtien is good for many things, but shopping is not necessarily one of them.

Outside some local beachwear shops, there is little here to get excited about, and most looking for serious shopping head to Pattaya.

But Jomtien is not completely barren. Here are three shopping options in Jomtien Beach:

GS Puma Adidas

GS Puma Adidas offers shoes and sportswear for men and women by—you guessed it—Puma and Adidas. Sales are frequent, so it may be worth a look.

Beachwear Store

A store selling bathing suits, mats, water tops and other beach essentials is located at Soi 2. Negotiating is acceptable, and there are often sales.


With locations on Jomtien Beach and Soi 5, Bookazine is the place to go for books, foreign magazines and newspapers.

Versace’s By Sunny

If you are looking for Thailand’s famous custom clothing, Versace’s By Sunny is probably the best custom tailor on Jomtien Beach. Sunny guarantees his work.

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