Nightlife Guide for Koh Lanta Thailand

Nightlife in Koh Lanta is more laid-back and friendly in a relaxed, local way, not the scene of hard partying like you might encounter elsewhere. This relaxed and welcoming approach to nightlife that may be just what you’re looking for. Nights out here can be a lot of fun, especially for those traveling with friends and family. The bars are great for meeting other tourists as well as locals, and you can definitely enjoy yourself in Koh Lanta.

From the northwest coast to the southwest beaches, there are lots of options for a night out. Enjoy a meal and drink at one of the many beach bars, listen to a wide array of music, and make some new friends. Beach bars are often open late into the night, so just take a stroll and see what you find.

Basically, the nightlife of Koh Lanta is broke up by region:

1- Eastern Nightlife
2- North / Northwestern Nightlife
3- South / Southwestern Nightlife
4- Baan Saladan Nightlife

You’ll find bars and pubs in each area, but you’ll find the most “happening” nightlife will be at northwestern part of the island where they have such famous pubs / bars like: Funky Monkey, Irish Embassy, and Shooters.

Our advice is simple: find a bar with a few people, grab a drink, and check out the vibe.  If that place doesn’t suite you, move to another one of the many bars on the island.  Koh Lanta’s nightlife is laid back and offers something for everyone.

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